“I had to fire my temper because she wasn’t giving me the results I wanted.”

The contemplation and subsequent termination went something like this.

My Strength: “Temper, you have been on fire lately.”

Temper: “Master, I know but everybody is always getting out of line and treating me like a damsel. They needed my sharp, direct and angry counsel.”

My Strength: “Temper, it is impossible that everybody or even most people are out of alignment ALL the time.
When someone say’s that to themselves, they’re lying. That’s an excuse no one is buying.”

Temper: “Master, if you could see things through my eyes, you would understand why I act the way that I do. Just let me handle things. It’s only to protect the real you.
People test and provoke you Ms Stone. They don’t realize you’re not alone.
I have no other options except violent actions and tone. Well sometimes I sip toxic adrenalin through your veins and stiffen your bones.”

My Strength: “Temper, you caused my high blood pressure and you can shorten my life. It’s up to me to manage this stress and cancel this strife.
You’ve brought more harm than good to me.
Thinking back when I was younger, the nice boys weren’t attracted to me.
I’m sure they saw ‘YOU’ showing up as my personality.
I notice people were skeptical about whatever I said. They didn’t feel confident I would use my head.”

Temper: “Master, it was me who protected you in those days. You were hurt in many disgusting ways. I stepped up when you were too afraid to speak up.
We’ve come across some evil people in the past. It was me who raised hell for their ass.”

My Strength: “Listen Temper…

Temper: No let be real with you! Who’s going to be there for you when someone wrongly takes something that is rightfully yours? Who will scar their heart and leave visible sores? 

How will you be vindictive and cause them regret? Who’s going to hurt them so they never forget?

How will you defend yourself Ms Stone, if you’re out there all alone? “

My Strength: “Temper, I’ve grown to know my spiritual gifts since then. When I respond from a place of ‘strength’ my options vary or don’t end. You see part of my value system now is to remember who I am. No one can test me; I’m under my own exam.
My spiritual riches are far and wide. Temper, I can’t trust your judgement nor let you decide. I’ve heard of people possessed by bad tempers and they’ve committed suicide.
I’ve found my ‘strength’ and it’s not in you. I’ve been getting the results I want when my spiritual stone is in full view. Temper, you’re a bad actor and I’m happy to fire you.
I now attract brilliance. I’ve learned sometimes the best reaction is simply silence.
Through my natural gifts I’ve built solid and healthier relationships.
Ms Temper, it’s been a while now. Absent of you, I’ve even increased my revenue.”

No matter what happens my spiritual gifts have set me free. Once conscious, they will always sustain me.
My body may parish but my soul can never be touched or tampered with.
I’m delighted to have done the work of a “Psychological Archeologist.”

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  1. Wow, thanks for stopping by the website.
    I know it was mostly the fiery silhouette that brought you to me. But I hope the content also convected your soul as it has mine.

  2. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve visited this site before but after going through a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me.

    Anyways, I’m certainly happy I discovered it and I’ll be bookmarking
    it and checking back often!

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