“Speak & Heal”

My fears ran scared and disappeared once I called them out by their names.

Shame! Come here, sit down and let me tell YOU the unchangeable story!”

Acceptance, you are an illusion. I’ve concluded that if I accept my whole self, I can show up like no one else!”

Secret! When I speak on you, I have a powerful story to tell!”

Lies! When I tell the truth, I remember it! Forget you”

Come experience the powerful technique of Stoneologys Speak & Heal Series.

By not telling that someone has victimized you, is continuing to victimize yourself. This behavior makes it easier for you to accept abuse, manipulation and humiliation in other parts of your life. Be aware of the consequences of protecting a predator and allowing someone else’s behavior to be your shame. Didn’t they take advantage of you? Speaking your truth heals your hurts. It also prevents the hurt from manifesting itself in other harmful ways in your life.  You also benefit by preventing this from happening to someone else you love.

Did you know if you don’t tell you are lying?

Did you know keeping harmful secrets because of shame allows the shameful activity to continue unchecked?

Did you know that your fear of others accepting you, reflects the reality that you haven’t accepted yourself?

If you know there is a predator in the house or in the family, then you should be ashamed if you don’t tell everyone!

Speak & Heal~


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