“A Few Words From My Listeners”

Testimonials from audience members where I’ve spoken live
New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Arizona, Toronto, Canada

June 6, 2011
“Stone Love is a heart-guided speaker who brings inspiration to the room through her depth of insight, intelligence and genuine compassion. It has been my distinctive honor to welcome Stone to our Amazing Woman’s Day stages in cities around the U.S. and Canada. I highly recommend Stone to those looking for a speaker who can easily relate to an audience through dynamic stories that transform and empower others with the life wisdom to say YES to the best that life presents.”

~Marsh Engle, Author & CEO of Marsh Engle Media
Founder of Amazing Woman’s Day, www.marshengle.com

May 26, 2011
You got it, Stone. I heard and felt the Truth speaking through you and it moved me to my soul. Thank you again for sharing your story. It helped heal my own.

Michael Fitzpatrick


April 18, 2011
hi Stone,
It was a pleasure hearing you speak on Saturday here in Toronto. I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to personally meet you (and I wish I did). You are inspiring and an amazing woman!!

Suzanne Van Parys

“I appreciate this opportunity to express my gratitude for you sharing your POWERFUL story! I felt captivated as you spoke from the heart with conviction. As you spoke, I sensed many levels of emotions, as I thought quietly…..”What a courageous and powerful woman you are Stone”.
I feel your sharing will give other abuse victims and parents of abused children permission to share their story, while coming from a place of POWER, so the process of healing may began on a deeper level!”

Leotha Douglas,
author of “How Life Happens For Me, Not To Me…..When I STOP Playing SMALL”
publisher Booklocker.com 2010


You are simply one powerful courageous Amazing Woman – and speaker. I sat riveted listening to her masterfully woven and detailed story, spoken with rawness, depth and aching triumphant truth.
Thank you Stone!

Jamie Leno Zimron
LPGA Pro / The Golf Sensei
Director, Mideast Aikido Project


Hi Stone,

It was lovely connecting with your heart and soul.  I wished we would of had more time to have spoken and shared our energies together.

Your speech had a very powerful message, filled with compassion, heart ache and sorrow.  You will touch many hearts as you have stepped into your power, speaking your truth with no judgement.  My hat goes off to you and keep allowing your inner child to speak.  We learn and gain much insight by hearing others stories.

Namaste and please keep in touch.
Dr. Lisa Bufton, D.D.


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  1. Hi my Sister Stone Love!!! I so love your Stoneologys page!!! It’s so uplifting and incredibly honest… What a true inspiration you are my bright spiritual star!!!! I love you and wish the very best for you. Until whence you open your heart and release the tears and fears, you won’t be able to truly steer…In the direction God intended for you…Your destiny awaits you…JV

  2. I love you JV
    I really do. We were so blessed to be in each others presence in New York. Thank you for your generous heart in including me in your program time. I was honored and so blessed.
    I have been praying about the fear and permission to allow my tears to flow. It has been a journey for me open the flood gates for fear I will be a blessing beyond measure.

    I’m acknowledging right not that I Am already there. GOD taught me to simply say. “I AM. I AM WHO I SAY I AM”
    I accepted my access to power. HE’s been right here with me all the time.

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