“A Mother’s Love & Bounderies Without Apology”

I love you.

I forgive you.

Understand, what comes out of your mouth exposes what’s in your heart.

If what you think and what you say corrupts the spirit of another, that person should consider you bad company and limit their peresence with you. 

I love you, just away from my face.

Youc can’t say you love your mother in your heart, then throw her under the bus with your tongue. Holdfast, honoring your mother and father pleases God.

Your disrespect has caused our disconnect. 

I’ll warn you once, warn you twice, then I will turn my face from you and have nothing else to say to you.

No matter how big you grow, or who you come to know, I cannot be supplanted or uprooted. 

I am your lot in life. Where ever you go, I am where you come from.

Your brain synapses will always lead back to the counsel of my teaching. Your consciousness and respectof me can’t be out grown.

Yes, you need me.

My well being empacts your energy. Our well being allows you to thrive more powerfully.
Who deserves the honor, the house or the builder?
Who gets the blame, the child or the mother? 

By design, I’ve honored your life with mine.
You ask, “Mommy respect me too.”
Of course I do. 

I’ve shown my love and respect for you by caring for you since you grew in my belly.
If I am fatigued and I’m short with you, your understanding can’t become limited by your sensitive view. Remember you’ll never understand what I’ve been through. 

I’ve grown weaker as you’ve grown stronger, still mother dear cannot be usurped, dethroned or dishonored. 

Be encouraged by my example of clean living, unselfish giving  and the loving home I’ve built for you. 

In my efforts to parent, train, instill faith, values, good decision-making skills, and create your path for your endurance; you got slapped, restricted, punished, and admonished to consequences. 

It would be foolish of you to focus on the archaic style of discipline, and not acknowledge the benefits to your person.  

I don’t have to bite my tongue or lower my voice with you, but you better watch your mouth and tone when you speak to me. 

Rich daughter, famous son, our order of reverence can never be un-done.

Play your position, always adress from child to mom.

Love is patient, love is kind, but honor and respect as your mother should also be mine.

Be advised: I am a still a daughter, experiencing your current position. My mom’s love and teaching continue, even though she has made her transition. 

I’ve already done what you are still praying to do: That is live to usher and witness my delicate infant into independance.

Now that you are a thriving adult.

My experiential wisdom stands and is ready to consult. 

We are consciously yoked and spiritually tethered. We cannot be separated.

I’m not your father in heaven, but I am a strong second.


You worshiping and agreeing is not necessary. Your honor and respect has to come secondary. 

Balancing the fun and duties of being both a mother and a best friend, requiers bounderies, moral conviction and compassion.

Maintain the integrety line I have drawn for you.

My love is apparent in my living and my rearing of you. 

My children are my glory. When they shine I am radiant. Through their brilliance I am also credited.  

When they hurt my uterus still contracts. I have a visceral response to their pain and sometimes over react.

I am like their marionette.

Heart strings wrapped in each fist, pulled back and forth, tight and then embraced to their chest.

I hold the permanent, honored and honorable position as their mother.
Sometimes they need reminding of that. 

Fruit of my womb. Bitter sweet. I rejected all remedies for my pregnancy. Choosing to honor their lives with mine. 
Fruit of my womb.

Running their race with the strength of my blood to endure. 

Each of them enjoying their own splendor.


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  1. My son is brilliant, we just had the most amazing conversation.

    He has always been able to intelligently convey his ideas. Even when he doesn’t agree with me.

    The sweet part is, he does it with reverence and respect.

    He is almost 6′ feet tall, still that hieght doesn’t come through his tone at all.

    He hasn’t outgrown his position with me.
    He speaks to me like son to mom.
    He doesn’t flex on me like I’m a peer in the streets.

    He remembers me. He talks to me like I have already shown him the love and respect as my only son.

    Like I’ve honored his life with mine.

    LIke his current take on the conversation doesn’t negate what we have; what I’ve already given him.
    Mother to son.

    I’m happy to be his mother. In his communication with me, that’s the filter he uses to deliver.

    I’m so proud of my son. I’ve loved him up from 10lbs to 170.

    I know when I’m one hundred he will sitll rememeber I’m his momma.

  2. Resolution conflict with your loved one.

    1. Acknowledge the other person is hurt. Note, FIRST: Acknowledge the other person is hurt. Just like Triple A roadside service. Before they ask about fault, your responsibility or eligibility, they ask if you’re OK. Then listen for the answer. Address the other person’s feelings first. BEFORE you go into your excuses, intent or defense. you may accidently invalidate their vert real state. Then after they have had a chance to express ‘their hurt’ acknowledge them by asking for forgiveness.

    2. Ask for forgiveness, “I’m sorry to have hurt you. That was never my intent.”

    3. Ask them to explain their position. Often when you allow a person to vent. Present their position, they will get to what’s really bothering them. Your interaction just reminded them they need to be on the defense.

    4. All hurt comes from resonating with one’s existing devaluing experience. No one can hurt you without your permission or emotional consent. Most times we don’t realize we are responding to a passed hurt, circumstance or disposition. Some violation in our past that has nothing to do with the current moment or the person we’re with. For instance, If someone calls you crazy and your experience is being teased for having mental illness in your family, you wont hear, “You’re crazy” as “You’re so funny and fun to be around.” You will hear, “You’re just like the mentally ill members in your family.

    A. You see we resonate with what’s already in us. Our responses rarely have to do with the current consequences. We’re often fatigued by our own life’s beat down.

    B. When you allow the other person to talk as opposed to jumping to your own defense, we’ll find somethings out about the person we love. We will know the difference because we weren’t in combat to begin with.

    C. Allowing them to talk is disarming and they realize there is no one to fight with. Then you are in a dialogue. You are able to listen and offer your love and assistance. You may be able to help them. Even if its only to witness ‘their feelings.’

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