A Single Action

A single action can cause a major reaction.

Kinda like the straw that broke the camels back. That one thing that causes you to break through. Your true essence has always been there waiting for the invitation. You’re about to come to yourself.

Coming to yourself is literally the act of leaving the superficial behind and standing in your God-given power. 

We often need something strong and real to break through the critical mass of reckless lies about ourselves.

Speaking heals because you’ve revealed the scary monstrous debilitating tale isn’t real.

No matter how bad you thought it was or what you believed resulted for YOU, it does not define the true destiny for YOU.

An event does not define you. A series of events can’t define you. Only your psychological definition of self limits and defines you. Your “permission” is what defines you. I’ve given myself permission. I am all that is great in me.

Think of the great Nelson Mandela, he went from prisoner to president on the African continent. His greatness was always there, he just released his “permission” to live above despair.

Remember how free you felt when you found out the big bad wolf wasn’t real? We’ve all had our personal “Big Bad Wolves” in our lives.  You see how belief can restrict movement towards your highest self?

This is my belief, the worst tragedy I’ve gone through, is the highest quality of life I can aspire to. God made Job our example.

You’re free to soar about the earth without fear. The highest YOU is saying, “Come here.”

Your goals are within your reach.  Perhaps you will be able to teach. You will be able to calculate your path and lead others who haven’t done the math. You will add people in your life that will help you. You will ask those that hinder to leave you.

“A single action of permission can bring your dreams to fruition.” Stoneologys Wisdom.

I invite you to “Speak and heal™”

Now imagine if you were heard….

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