“Arms Wide Open”

What does the success of my business look like?

It looks much like what I do for free. I share my perspective of wisdom, prayers and solid results as a loving option to uplift the lives of others. I opened my life’s experiences of joy, pain and prayer to the closed doors of silence, secrets and God-given strengths. Once I reached and snatched the doors open, my spiritual strength and muscle memory was was back. I began to speak my truth loudly. I set clear boundaries for people without guilt or apology.

My gifts have been experienced and received with gratitude. That has been my blessing.

Now that I am in business, I’m laser focused and tailored to the needs of my clients. My business is geared toward reciprocal blessings.

How do I wish to transfer that success to others? By teaching new ways to access their God-given power from within.

What does empowerment mean to Stoneologys? Awaken to ones own ignition switch.

What will the “ignition switch do?  The ignition switch sparks your nerve to speak up for what you deserve.

My signature thought is to give myself permission to be who I say I am.

“I am who I say I am.”

I am Stone Love. I get the response and love generated by the spirit energy I’m giving. That is how Stoneologys defines “Truth and Being.”

Who are you?  Are you who you say you are?

Are you getting the response and love you deserve based on the energy you serve?

Is your inside experience resonating with your outside experience? Rather is your spiritual existence resonating with your physical existence?

What is your energy drawing to you?

Is it the same as the sketch in your head?

If who you say you are on the inside is not in alignment with what you’re experiencing on the outside, there is a problem with your spiritual, “Truth and Being.”

Stoneologys can help you bring your experiences in alinement with who you say you are.

Are your arms wide open to the successful you?

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