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“I’m Embracing The Nappy”

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“Infused with thousands of years of DNA instruction.

My ancestral strength and wisdom passes through it. 

Every where I have hair, it protects me.

A spiral intuitive antennae to give me a well-rounded sense of perception.

It even warns me before a mosquito bites.”


~Stone Love

“My tightly woven helix design projects my beauty around the world. Fit for a queen, The Buckingham Palace Guards wear a replica of it to protected their heads from the sun.” 

Even with this glorious gift, the media images of ‘beautiful hair’ never looked like mine!

I was taught to dislike my natural hair.  Never embracing it beauty, I learned to cover it or alter it. 

I chose to rethink that the education. I needed to start again. I cut out the perm and allowed my true beauty to come from within.

I was terrified to cut off all my hair, but I did it anyway. I cut it down to the quick.

I committed to the courage of the “Big Chop” 

I was scared. I didn’t know what I would look like. 

“Would I look like Camille Cosby or Esther Rolle?”

I was surprised. The feeling was warm and nostalgic. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror. 

“I looked like my momma’s baby”

Since I was sixteen, I attempted to chemically alter the natural curls, kinks, coils and naps in my hair.  This was learned behavior.

“I was unconsciously destroying the elasticity and moisture in my hair.”

As a younger child, my mom used to press the natural out of my hair with a hot comb. Most little black girls foreheads, ears and neck lines got nicked and burned in the process.

The quest for ‘good hair’ and assimilation resulted in the destruction of my exotic coils and locs. There was breaking, thinning and scalp damage. Those things have healed still, I attempted to process and press out my un-embraced glory.

The generational sickness continued to devour my self-esteem and eat up my hair! 

“I had to learn the needs of my delicate and precious hair.” 

This learned behavior is not our fault. It is our responsibility to know the difference.

“Still, it is our responsibility to be aware of fear-based decisions.”

“Grateful and thankful I have healed and over come the sore stigma of nappy hair.”

I have become loyal to my inner most being. I stuck with it, and learned my hair.

SF-025-facebook“I’ve never felt so beautiful wearing my hair.”


“I’ve never been so complimented.”

Embracing my god-given glory is a key component to self-love.

I’ve gained the courage to share more of my innate gifts. Celebrating my hair has been a spiritual journey for me. 

“Creativity, awareness and answers just come to me.”

My hair is my first choice. I know the adverse psychological effects when any part of you is denied. As Black Women, we model a message of self hate when we choose to wear another race’s hair over our own. 

There is a contradictory message being sent to the little black girl when we tell her that her puffy pony tails are beautiful, but every grown black woman is wearing Malaysian Yaki. 

“I choose to embrace my silver, sexy & nappy.”

My concern is not the choice of style, rather the question of awareness in that choice. If you feel provoked to defense, consider asking yourself ‘why!’

When we are aware of the influences that go into our choices, we can make a strength-based decision.

Our susceptibility to deep-seated self loathing or self-love is represented in our choices. Specifically our crown glory, our hair.

We must be sure our choices in hair style are a celebration of our beauty.
It must be our preference and not a discriminating influence.

“I have some beautiful proud sister friend’s that rock weaves, locs, wigs and or their natural hair. They choices are free of condemnation.”

I love projecting natural beauty for all women. We must learn our hair. Love it and edify it.

Crown your glorious hair with your embrace. Put some jewels in it and celebrate the nappy.

I welcome your experience of this topic. It has been a spiritual journey for me. I’m lead to open this dialogue with you. 

Please leave me your thoughts, experiences and or questions. You are welcome. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter and free mp3’s from Stoneoloygs’


“A Mother’s Love & Bounderies Without Apology”

I love you.

I forgive you.

Understand, what comes out of your mouth exposes what’s in your heart.

If what you think and what you say corrupts the spirit of another, that person should consider you bad company and limit their peresence with you. 

I love you, just away from my face.

Youc can’t say you love your mother in your heart, then throw her under the bus with your tongue. Holdfast, honoring your mother and father pleases God.

Your disrespect has caused our disconnect. 

I’ll warn you once, warn you twice, then I will turn my face from you and have nothing else to say to you.

No matter how big you grow, or who you come to know, I cannot be supplanted or uprooted. 

I am your lot in life. Where ever you go, I am where you come from.

Your brain synapses will always lead back to the counsel of my teaching. Your consciousness and respectof me can’t be out grown.

Yes, you need me.

My well being empacts your energy. Our well being allows you to thrive more powerfully.
Who deserves the honor, the house or the builder?
Who gets the blame, the child or the mother? 

By design, I’ve honored your life with mine.
You ask, “Mommy respect me too.”
Of course I do. 

I’ve shown my love and respect for you by caring for you since you grew in my belly.
If I am fatigued and I’m short with you, your understanding can’t become limited by your sensitive view. Remember you’ll never understand what I’ve been through. 

I’ve grown weaker as you’ve grown stronger, still mother dear cannot be usurped, dethroned or dishonored. 

Be encouraged by my example of clean living, unselfish giving  and the loving home I’ve built for you. 

In my efforts to parent, train, instill faith, values, good decision-making skills, and create your path for your endurance; you got slapped, restricted, punished, and admonished to consequences. 

It would be foolish of you to focus on the archaic style of discipline, and not acknowledge the benefits to your person.  

I don’t have to bite my tongue or lower my voice with you, but you better watch your mouth and tone when you speak to me. 

Rich daughter, famous son, our order of reverence can never be un-done.

Play your position, always adress from child to mom.

Love is patient, love is kind, but honor and respect as your mother should also be mine.

Be advised: I am a still a daughter, experiencing your current position. My mom’s love and teaching continue, even though she has made her transition. 

I’ve already done what you are still praying to do: That is live to usher and witness my delicate infant into independance.

Now that you are a thriving adult.

My experiential wisdom stands and is ready to consult. 

We are consciously yoked and spiritually tethered. We cannot be separated.

I’m not your father in heaven, but I am a strong second.


You worshiping and agreeing is not necessary. Your honor and respect has to come secondary. 

Balancing the fun and duties of being both a mother and a best friend, requiers bounderies, moral conviction and compassion.

Maintain the integrety line I have drawn for you.

My love is apparent in my living and my rearing of you. 

My children are my glory. When they shine I am radiant. Through their brilliance I am also credited.  

When they hurt my uterus still contracts. I have a visceral response to their pain and sometimes over react.

I am like their marionette.

Heart strings wrapped in each fist, pulled back and forth, tight and then embraced to their chest.

I hold the permanent, honored and honorable position as their mother.
Sometimes they need reminding of that. 

Fruit of my womb. Bitter sweet. I rejected all remedies for my pregnancy. Choosing to honor their lives with mine. 
Fruit of my womb.

Running their race with the strength of my blood to endure. 

Each of them enjoying their own splendor.


My Three Son’s

My Three Son’s

One was a handsome, athletic people magnet.
The other was a generous hearted, always smiling family man.
The other was a highly intelligent, loner with a deep love for auntie and mother.
My three cousin’s, not necessarily in that birth order.
Three strong mirror images to choose from. Capable of manifesting any dream; or bringing their vision into fruition.
All spiritually gifted as promised.
Then came life’s choices.
Life’s trajectory and responses to the Law of Attraction; with special emphasis on
The Laws of Cause and Effect.
The result is our capacity for happiness and ability to reach our life expectancy.

What Fuels Your Secrecy?

    What Fuels Your Secrecy?

        This is an honest dialogue with self 

Secrecy as defined as not being forth coming with the truth about yourself. Remember: Events that have shaped you are worth exposing and exploring. Anything less stunts your evolution process and emotional progress. 

Secrecy is a defense mechanism. Are you ready to reveal the subtext of this habitual behavior to yourself? A subtext that will prove to be a delusion. Are you ready to become free from these false beliefs? Resulting in seeing more of the authentic YOU? 

What do you feel you have to do for others that allows you to feel you don’t have to take care of yourself? 

Are you ready to reveal the resentment you feel for being there for every one else and NOT yourself?
Why do you go without counsel, support and the help of others?

(Certainly you deserve to be heard. YOU deserve to be witnessed for YOU without judgement or ridiculed for your views.) 

What keeps you Fueled, Energized to take Action and Ready to lie?  

What is it that allows your disguise? 

Is it SHAME?

Is it Confusion? 

Is it Deceit to promote an illusion?

Is it the need for Acceptance?

Is it in response to green-eyed jealousy or Comparison?

The fear of defeat? 

A deep-rooted belief that YOU are a failure or inferior to others? 

A deep-rooted belief that YOU are stupid? 

Think of the last lie you told. What was the reason for it?  

What are the qualifying requirements that let you to tell a lie?

Are you honest with yourself in being aware of how many lies you tell each day? 

Do you lie as you go to be acceptable, agreeable or appear knowledgeable? 

Do you feel left out, or sorry for yourself when others are forthcoming about themselves and receive support? 

Now that you have the honest answers to these questions, how does it feel? 

Do you feel angry or negative emotions when confronted with these questions?

Then it’s time to go a bit further to take your power back. If you are feeling something, you are resonating with a hidden truth.  Your truth that needs your immediate attention.

Remember that secrets are buried alive. They lie there waiting to exert their power over your truth. 

It time to be real with you. 



The next step is the construct the sentence that you are currently responding from. This sentence is based on your answers from your honest dialogue with self. 

Now that you have the sentence constructed, you can correct it.

Example: “I was always the stupid unattractive one in the group.” 

New Correct Sentence: “I am enough in my spiritual grace and presence. 

I am created with grace and precision. HIS grace is sufficient and so am I. This is because HE lives within me.”

Then there is step 3, contact me if you want to go deeper within~>

Are You Curious What Your Spiritual Gifts Are?

Wondering What They Have to Do with Enjoying More Success in Your BUSINESS or Living Life More On PURPOSE?

Do You Wish You Could See Just How BRILLIANT you are?

There is a way to be confident and clear with what you offer spiritually…you can:

  • Recognize those things you’ve hoped for.
  • Appreciate your gifts once seen.
  • Participate – boldly step forward to meet your blessings.

Do you know how ‘to manifest’?

Have you identified YOUR spiritual gifts?

If not, then you want to learn how to unveil them to yourself so you can use them more powerfully and lovingly in your life.

Are your gifts the bases of your strength and presence? If not, then learn how to project it.

Are you dimming your light while watching the bright success of others? If so, lighten up. Let’s get you confident in your spiritual gifts.

Once revealed, it’s our choice to show our appreciation through the full embodiment of those spiritual gifts.

My name is Stone Love and I teach people who are somewhat spiritual already who want to access your gifts and spirituality more in order to become a warrior in the spirit.

  • You can learn to access your gifts through faith, works and recognition.
  • You can learn the balance between being in the flesh and honoring the spirit.
 We honor the GOD in us by participating with the spirit that resonates within us.

Through relationships, live inspirational presentations and spiritual coaching, I have been called to serve. I accept this charge and blessing on my life.

My hopes are to create a spiritual place for growth and prosperity for you. 
I recognize, appreciate and participate in that blessing.

Your Next Step:  Go Grab My 5 Step Guide to Getting What You Say You Want

Take advantage of this if any of this speaks to you at all and where you are on your journey.

–>> Enter your information into the box on the top right of my website and you can get started on discovering your spiritual gifts and how to use them for manifesting what you want, serving others and more!

Let’s grow farther.

I’m eager to see what happens in your life once you learn to embrace your true purpose and your unique spiritual gifts.

In love and light,

Stone Love

Your Spiritual Healer

International Speaker


Have questions first? Contact me today and let’s talk!




My Apology~

 I felt empowered that I expected an apology. 

I envisioned the day when I would see him and say, “SOB you hurt me! You owe me an apology!”

This is what I’ve grown to know, I can apologize to myself for the hurt.

My apology to me, will come from my heart.

I can act on that.

I have taken my power back.

I have decided I would be kind to me for my pain.

I’m divine enough not to relive it again.

I’m divine enough to recognize my blessings, and live in thanksgiving.

I am divine enough.

He does not owe me an apology.

“I had to fire my temper because she wasn’t giving me the results I wanted.”

The contemplation and subsequent termination went something like this.

My Strength: “Temper, you have been on fire lately.”

Temper: “Master, I know but everybody is always getting out of line and treating me like a damsel. They needed my sharp, direct and angry counsel.”

My Strength: “Temper, it is impossible that everybody or even most people are out of alignment ALL the time.
When someone say’s that to themselves, they’re lying. That’s an excuse no one is buying.”

Temper: “Master, if you could see things through my eyes, you would understand why I act the way that I do. Just let me handle things. It’s only to protect the real you.
People test and provoke you Ms Stone. They don’t realize you’re not alone.
I have no other options except violent actions and tone. Well sometimes I sip toxic adrenalin through your veins and stiffen your bones.”

My Strength: “Temper, you caused my high blood pressure and you can shorten my life. It’s up to me to manage this stress and cancel this strife.
You’ve brought more harm than good to me.
Thinking back when I was younger, the nice boys weren’t attracted to me.
I’m sure they saw ‘YOU’ showing up as my personality.
I notice people were skeptical about whatever I said. They didn’t feel confident I would use my head.”

Temper: “Master, it was me who protected you in those days. You were hurt in many disgusting ways. I stepped up when you were too afraid to speak up.
We’ve come across some evil people in the past. It was me who raised hell for their ass.”

My Strength: “Listen Temper…

Temper: No let be real with you! Who’s going to be there for you when someone wrongly takes something that is rightfully yours? Who will scar their heart and leave visible sores? 

How will you be vindictive and cause them regret? Who’s going to hurt them so they never forget?

How will you defend yourself Ms Stone, if you’re out there all alone? “

My Strength: “Temper, I’ve grown to know my spiritual gifts since then. When I respond from a place of ‘strength’ my options vary or don’t end. You see part of my value system now is to remember who I am. No one can test me; I’m under my own exam.
My spiritual riches are far and wide. Temper, I can’t trust your judgement nor let you decide. I’ve heard of people possessed by bad tempers and they’ve committed suicide.
I’ve found my ‘strength’ and it’s not in you. I’ve been getting the results I want when my spiritual stone is in full view. Temper, you’re a bad actor and I’m happy to fire you.
I now attract brilliance. I’ve learned sometimes the best reaction is simply silence.
Through my natural gifts I’ve built solid and healthier relationships.
Ms Temper, it’s been a while now. Absent of you, I’ve even increased my revenue.”

No matter what happens my spiritual gifts have set me free. Once conscious, they will always sustain me.
My body may parish but my soul can never be touched or tampered with.
I’m delighted to have done the work of a “Psychological Archeologist.”

“I’m Sure My Decisions Are Strength Based.”

Understanding your decisions and knowing you’ve made the right one, done the right or best thing, is not an easy task;

nor should it be left to chance. 

Stoneologys can help.

We all know the statement, “When we know better, we do better.”

That statement is NOT true. Right? 

We can know better, but still choose to serve our passion and not our intuition. 

Do you know when your decisions are intuitive and spirit based?   

Do you know when your decisions are based on passion and circumstance? 

Stoneologys can help.
Can we remain virtuous and still be victorious?

Of course we can!

I know I’ve made passion based decisions that were WRONG. 

I also know I’ve NEVER made a spirit based or intuitive decision that led me WRONG.

Stoneologys’, “The Psychological Archeologist Series,” has developed a formula. 

“I’m Sure My Decisions Are Strength Based.”

Being true to ourselves is when we make decisions based on our values and virtues. 

When we get caught up in the circumstance or the passionate spiral we are subject to a lower vibration. 

Stoneologys can help.
Knowing Thy Self, is discovering our values and virtues.

Honoring our values and virtues is honoring the God within us.

“The Psychological Archeologist Series” is all about


Controlling Your Thoughts~

When in distress, always look for the nearest exit. Moving quickly and quietly towards the closes route to you. Our illusions, conclusions and delusions can cause us immediate distress. Especially in our thoughts. We depend on false illusions to access our self-worth. We draw vivid conclusions based on scanty sketches in our minds. We choose to be delusional about one’s character based on status, race or wealth. 

Controlling one thought deter-mends your state of being. Become proficient in controlling your thoughts. Directing that spirit of static or dynamic, paralyzed or mobilized, lying or flying.

Controlling your thoughts is how to get access to your joy.

The next exit from distress often includes shutting your mouth. Words can tear down a relationship faster than love can ever build it or repair one.  

Remember our spiritual gifts. How we make it through. Reach for them often, until they begin to answer for you.

Find out who you are, be present and speak up for yourself.

 Sometime simply changing positions and moving to a higher place can help exit distress.

Mentally or physically, don’t allow yourself to wallow in a cesspool.

Decide on the next exit and move.

Your nearest exit from distress is the route to your spiritual gift. The gem that is YOU.

I am your Psychological Archeologist™ 

I help women and men to unveil their spiritual gifts.

We work to reveal the spiritual gem that is authentically them. I can help you discover your gifts through a gentle Stoneologys Excavation Process™ 

 Yvonne Sillitoe, back road drive Lusaka, Zumbia

Your nearest exit from distress is the route to your spiritual gift. The gem that is YOU.

Do you understand?


What is the appreciable difference between ‘KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING?

I’ll tell you what I think it is. Let’s compare our understanding. 

Memorizing the information vs internalizing the sensation. 

The difference between Knowledge and Understanding is Experience.

Wisdom is the fruit of experience.

A smart man is not the same as a wise man.

“I have a MBA, a certificate of knowledge.” Beautiful, but do you have experience? “Not yet.”  Thank you for coming in.

One cannot know what it feels like until they experience it.

 “I know three who survived, but I don’t know how they did it.”

“Knowing what I know with one kid, I don’t understand why you would want six kids.”

“I knew how to draw the diagram in my head, but the hands on experience taught me something I didn’t know.”

Do you know where you’re going to, do you like the things your life is ‘showing’ you? Do you know?

Experience is the best teacher.

“Sometimes a child can only learn a lessons through experience, even when they know better.

They have to get their own understanding of it to know”

Advice from a mother of six.

You can only know a person by experiencing them.

You can’t know what you would do, until you experience it.

Would you like an experienced pilot or a pilot instructor who has never take control of an aircraft?

The maxim in this post is to reaffirm the old proverb with a  Stoneologys notion,

“Know they self through experiencing thy self.”

We can never know another women’s experience enough to judge her.

Therefore, judge no man.