Are You Curious What Your Spiritual Gifts Are?

Wondering What They Have to Do with Enjoying More Success in Your BUSINESS or Living Life More On PURPOSE?

Do You Wish You Could See Just How BRILLIANT you are?

There is a way to be confident and clear with what you offer spiritually…you can:

  • Recognize those things you’ve hoped for.
  • Appreciate your gifts once seen.
  • Participate – boldly step forward to meet your blessings.

Do you know how ‘to manifest’?

Have you identified YOUR spiritual gifts?

If not, then you want to learn how to unveil them to yourself so you can use them more powerfully and lovingly in your life.

Are your gifts the bases of your strength and presence? If not, then learn how to project it.

Are you dimming your light while watching the bright success of others? If so, lighten up. Let’s get you confident in your spiritual gifts.

Once revealed, it’s our choice to show our appreciation through the full embodiment of those spiritual gifts.

My name is Stone Love and I teach people who are somewhat spiritual already who want to access your gifts and spirituality more in order to become a warrior in the spirit.

  • You can learn to access your gifts through faith, works and recognition.
  • You can learn the balance between being in the flesh and honoring the spirit.
 We honor the GOD in us by participating with the spirit that resonates within us.

Through relationships, live inspirational presentations and spiritual coaching, I have been called to serve. I accept this charge and blessing on my life.

My hopes are to create a spiritual place for growth and prosperity for you. 
I recognize, appreciate and participate in that blessing.

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Take advantage of this if any of this speaks to you at all and where you are on your journey.

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Let’s grow farther.

I’m eager to see what happens in your life once you learn to embrace your true purpose and your unique spiritual gifts.

In love and light,

Stone Love

Your Spiritual Healer

International Speaker


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The Psychological Archeologist™


For over 20 years Stone Faure has witnessed the transformational power of her writing. Compiling several poems and short stories, her first public piece was in response to the death of a dear friend’s son shortly after his birth.  Readers found the poem so moving that they began to request personalized poetry for them as well. Today, her professional writing career mostly takes her into a contemplative reflection that breeds wisdom, feeds the spirit and hones the lessons of life. She is a mother 5 daughters and a son.


Stone Faure, affectionately called “Stone Love”, has resided in the San Francisco Bay Area all her life. She is evolving into the woman the little girl in her has always wanted to be. Through her writing she has discovered the path to her “Strength and Calm™”. Sharing her heart of experiences has connected her to her lifeʼs cause. Stone has witnessed the transformational power of her writing as a trajectory into her spiritual wealth. Through her expression in pen, she has reached thousands of hearts in silence and offered a voice of solace.

Stone has 5 grown daughters and a grown son. Her birth of experience has appreciated into a compassion that allows an esteemed awareness of people as individuals.

Her current professional accomplishments include Published Author, International Speaker, and Certified Group Coach.

Due to Stone’s outstanding professional sales and service skills, she was promoted to management after only 8 months of service in the residential devision of AT&T. An unpresedented move because AT&T requires “Time & Title.” (Service of at least 14 months in the same position before any movement within the company.) Stone was recognized and promoted to management by Jody Garcia, Regional Vice President. Stone also earned and enjoys the proud designation of “Presidents Club Member,” awarded by Ed Whitacre, former chairman of AT&T.  Stone has also been honored with the  distinction of  the “Leaders of Success Award.” Ultimately being named one of the top three sales professionals in the state of California by Pacific Bell Residential Northern Service Center.

With all her corporate alcaldes, Stone has never lost her love for writing.

Stone has been religiously writing in her personal journals for over 20 years. Compiling several poems and short stories. Her first public piece was in response to the death of a dear friends son shortly after his birth. Readers found the poem so touching, they began to solicit Stone to write personalized poetry for them as well. To this day, Stone continues to write personalized poetry for her clients and close friends. Her readers have also encouraged her to pursue a professional career in writing. Taking that advice, she sought out a writing coach and began to master her craft.

Stone believes her strength in writing come from sharing her truths with honesty and vulnerability. These are the core values that lead to best selling author.

Stoneʼs professional transferable skill have helped her to become a moving speaker and motivating certified group coach. Stoneologys business values and mission are in alignment with the same integrity, honesty and vulnerability she displays in her writing.

She surmises that a contemplative reflection breeds wisdom, feeds the spirit and hones the lessons of life.


As the originator of Stoneologys™ & The Psychological Archeologist™

I work with women to gently unveil the spiritual gem that is authentically them.

Like an excavator, I work with men to reveal the unique stone of wisdom that lives within him.

I see you. I listen to you.

We work to go beyond the psychological clutter. You become forever awakened to the consciousness of your own brilliance. Your precious stone’s wisdom is crystalized with your natural projection.

Stone Love is a truth speaker . She has a calling on her life to mentor by example and service, while honoring sage counsel.



A. Learn to recognize and honor ‘WHO’ you really are’. Working through our spiritual wisdom, we define ‘WHAT’ our God-given gifts are.

B. ‘WHEN’ we know what our gifts are, we begin to automatically and intuitively respond from our place of strength.

C. Develop & better your relationship with self. Establish a deeper connection with your family, friends and your productivity level. ‘WHY? Because you know and honor your strengths.

D. ‘IF’ we filter and control our thoughts through our spiritual gifts, we produce a more distilled thought process.  Become intimate with your gifts. This is ‘HOW’ we gain clarity and improve our decision making skills. Therefore, contributing to lives of everyone around us.


  This is about YOU

Stoneologys™ seeks to align you with the qualities of a precious stone, discovering your core gem.

Your essence is polished and waiting to shine brilliantly.

Your strengths will be crystallized. Foresight and judgement will become clear.

Your sharpened wisdom will cut through the harsh elements of doubt, shame, fear or regret.

Your decisions will be made with discernment and confidence in what’s right for you.

A return to your intuitive strength and truth without apology.
“I have done so triumphantly.”

Arresting the spirit of ‘want’ with a knowing that you have all you need.

You gain the courage to begin healing your feminine pain.

You gain the wisdom to accept and begin healing your masculine wounds.

Stoneologys™ program will show you “how to” take successive and progressive steps in making the paradigm shift to your consciousness of brilliance and favor.


The strengths of your precious stone are already your own. With Stoneologys™  practices and techniques, you will learn to unveil them naturally.




“I feel its needed. You give insight and guidance to help us find our way to our truths. You don’t tell us how to think but give us tools and patterns for us to work with. I feel a lot of people are working on that hidden structure, and you are helping to excavate it. Thank you for even trying!”

Linnette Robinson of Berkeley, California

September 29, 2011

“You got it,  Stone.  I heard and felt the Truth speaking through you and it moved me to my soul.  Thank you again for sharing your story. It helped heal my own.”

Michael Fitzpatrick

May 26, 2011

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Are You Tired Of Fake Diets & Shakes? Wanna Know What You’re Really Hungering For?


My successful journey of losing 65 pounds natually, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

It was twelve years ago, and to this day, I have kept off 50 of those pounds.

Foolishly, I was distracted by fads, deprevation and liquid replacements.

For every pound I lost with those gimicks I gained back two or three more pounds. I was ruining my health with obesity related diseases.

By transforming my pain into pounds, I had malignant hypertention, the silent killers, high blood pressure, and depression.

Click on the picture above to listen to the audio

I wasn’t using my gifts, I was wasting my life away and  procrasting on my dreams.

I was angry!

I couldn’t hide behind the fat anymore.

I was willing to regain my spiritual wealth.  

I began to ask myself, “What am I hungering for?” I listen for the answer.

By listening to my intuitive instruction, I learned how to fullfil my needs without stuffing myself with food.


Now I know how to process emotional dissappoinment and expectations of others into an inspired spirit of self-motivation. I can teach you how to do that too.

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“I am contented, prosperous and fulfilled by making strength-based decisions”  

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“I’ve Been Invited To Speak On The WGC Cruise”

“I’ve been invited as an ‘Expert Speaker’ on The WGC Cruise”

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 10.00.38 AM

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to travel with ‘The Women Of Global Change 2013’

It was a service mission, business training sessions and a 5 star play adventure in Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica was the top destination on my bucket list. I’m grateful to have checked it off.

NIne years ago I decided and registered for a 12 week spanish emersion course.

I got my passport and was ready to gift myself by studying spanish abroad.  


One of my signature talks is on how ‘All 4 Cylinders Have To Be Ready To Fire.’

The spirit to go on my dream trip had been broken. 

My mom was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. During her illness I postponed the trip. 

I lost my mom. In the intense grief I suffered energetically and emotionally. I cancelled the trip indefinitely.  

In time, I learned to grieve with grace. My excitement to grow and serve returned to me.

Still I didn’t know how rejuvenate and create a trip to Costa Rica. I just knew I was open to travel, business growth, service and adventure. That is WGC!

My mom’s birthday was February 8.

My favorite number is 8 

Every significant man in my life has a ‘life path’ number of 8.

(My Husband, former husband, my father and our son)

I knew my mom’s loving and confirming smile was shinning on me. In constant communication because my spiritual mother lives in my heart. So we go everywhere together. All decision are made by consulting my intuition.

“I declared this was my time and gift to serve.”


WGC 2013 Costa Rica, Rappelling 220ft

19729_10104033347880404_1275748007_nI love Shellie Hunt, CEO & Founder of ‘The Women Of Global Change. 

She is the mastermind behind bringing women together for global change. 


Berny Dohmann Costa Rica


Comfortably surrounded by thought leaders, decision makers, I was sure to be present with the opportunity. We offered one another A-list networking, and the training we received was exceptional. 



I was able to build business relationships that allow me to continue to explore my strengths and increase my value of service. I had the opportunity to sit for 2 hours with Berny Dohmann discussing my business passion. Berny generously shared his brilliant business mind. He gave me a GPS on how to obtain my success.  





Instant connection of sisterhood with Lauren Miller, “Faith and the spoken word unleash prosperity. During our breakout session, we were asked to walk up to the person who we felt exhibited the most leadership up to this point on the trip. Lauren and I walked up to each other teary eyed and embraced without a word spoken.”

One of the most beautiful experiences of my life time. To be mirrored back your own sentiments for someone else as a compliment to yourself.


307987_531670636858734_1909367559_n “Mr Less Brown called me while I was doing my first live event at the Clairmont in Berkerly, California.

He called to wish me great success on my first live event.

He reminded me that I had greatness within me.

He also said he had observed something when we met for the first time at his home in LA.

I was introduced to him by one of my clients who is also his attorney.

 Les Brown said,

“Stone, you have the ‘It Factor’

 I asked him what that meant. He said, “It means you have something that can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t. You got ‘It’ Stone”                  


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABarry Donaldson, father, businessman extrodinaire and inspirational friend.

Barry: “Stone, let me help myself by helping you become successful”

I love that statement from Barry.

Barry: “Are you ready?”

I said, “Yes!” 

Barry: Are you coachable?  

I said, “I am.”

“OK Stone, it will be hard work, but I’m going to help you. I’m going to introduce you to a business that will change your life” 



 My duties as a loving wife, proud mother of 6 adults who have gifted us with 13 grandchildren, I’ve always been able to play a bigger game. With WGC, I continue to make my international presence felt. 


Our family cruise to the Southern Caribbean, July, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 5.44.14 PM

Honor to be recognized as an expert in my field. Thankful to be asked to speak on the stages of

‘The Women Of Global Change 2014’


WGC stage is a global opportunity. I know I will resonate and create something fabulous to share with the world. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 6.06.49 AM

“It will be my pleasure to share my gifts at sea.”  


“We all know, a woman on a mission can make a difference, but get a group of women together and we can change the world.”

~Women Of Global Change

 The philosophy of Stoneologys’ and WGC are in complete alignment.

~Stone Love



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“I’m Embracing The Nappy”

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“Infused with thousands of years of DNA instruction.

My ancestral strength and wisdom passes through it. 

Every where I have hair, it protects me.

A spiral intuitive antennae to give me a well-rounded sense of perception.

It even warns me before a mosquito bites.”


~Stone Love

“My tightly woven helix design projects my beauty around the world. Fit for a queen, The Buckingham Palace Guards wear a replica of it to protected their heads from the sun.” 

Even with this glorious gift, the media images of ‘beautiful hair’ never looked like mine!

I was taught to dislike my natural hair.  Never embracing it beauty, I learned to cover it or alter it. 

I chose to rethink that the education. I needed to start again. I cut out the perm and allowed my true beauty to come from within.

I was terrified to cut off all my hair, but I did it anyway. I cut it down to the quick.

I committed to the courage of the “Big Chop” 

I was scared. I didn’t know what I would look like. 

“Would I look like Camille Cosby or Esther Rolle?”

I was surprised. The feeling was warm and nostalgic. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror. 

“I looked like my momma’s baby”

Since I was sixteen, I attempted to chemically alter the natural curls, kinks, coils and naps in my hair.  This was learned behavior.

“I was unconsciously destroying the elasticity and moisture in my hair.”

As a younger child, my mom used to press the natural out of my hair with a hot comb. Most little black girls foreheads, ears and neck lines got nicked and burned in the process.

The quest for ‘good hair’ and assimilation resulted in the destruction of my exotic coils and locs. There was breaking, thinning and scalp damage. Those things have healed still, I attempted to process and press out my un-embraced glory.

The generational sickness continued to devour my self-esteem and eat up my hair! 

“I had to learn the needs of my delicate and precious hair.” 

This learned behavior is not our fault. It is our responsibility to know the difference.

“Still, it is our responsibility to be aware of fear-based decisions.”

“Grateful and thankful I have healed and over come the sore stigma of nappy hair.”

I have become loyal to my inner most being. I stuck with it, and learned my hair.

SF-025-facebook“I’ve never felt so beautiful wearing my hair.”


“I’ve never been so complimented.”

Embracing my god-given glory is a key component to self-love.

I’ve gained the courage to share more of my innate gifts. Celebrating my hair has been a spiritual journey for me. 

“Creativity, awareness and answers just come to me.”

My hair is my first choice. I know the adverse psychological effects when any part of you is denied. As Black Women, we model a message of self hate when we choose to wear another race’s hair over our own. 

There is a contradictory message being sent to the little black girl when we tell her that her puffy pony tails are beautiful, but every grown black woman is wearing Malaysian Yaki. 

“I choose to embrace my silver, sexy & nappy.”

My concern is not the choice of style, rather the question of awareness in that choice. If you feel provoked to defense, consider asking yourself ‘why!’

When we are aware of the influences that go into our choices, we can make a strength-based decision.

Our susceptibility to deep-seated self loathing or self-love is represented in our choices. Specifically our crown glory, our hair.

We must be sure our choices in hair style are a celebration of our beauty.
It must be our preference and not a discriminating influence.

“I have some beautiful proud sister friend’s that rock weaves, locs, wigs and or their natural hair. They choices are free of condemnation.”

I love projecting natural beauty for all women. We must learn our hair. Love it and edify it.

Crown your glorious hair with your embrace. Put some jewels in it and celebrate the nappy.

I welcome your experience of this topic. It has been a spiritual journey for me. I’m lead to open this dialogue with you. 

Please leave me your thoughts, experiences and or questions. You are welcome. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter and free mp3’s from Stoneoloygs’


“How To Choose An Effective Coach”

“The splendor of your future is now. No one can sell you a brighter reflection of yourself.”

Everybody needs a coach. Accountability is the faith that produces results.
When choosing a coach, do it with mastery in mind. Look for flexibility. You will need that for your growth.
Find someone without a conflict of interest who will hone in on your strengths and sharpen them with you.
Beware of a static systems that will stunt dynamic growth.
Make sure they meet you where you are. It might be a place they’ve never been.
Still, a master can recognize, course correct and lead you upward.

Observe them. Listen to their word selection, they will always tell you what you ‘need’ to know.
The messages you receive will be accurate; even when the speaker say’s only what they ‘want’ you to hear.

Understand your success is what you feel and not what someone else can do for you.
The splendor of your future is now. No one can sell you a brighter reflection of yourself.
You are already present.
Since tomorrow is not promised, you are enough today.
Stay encouraged. Keep building and evolving. You will seek and attract what you need to learn.
Be thankful, then you’ll be better than yesterday.

As you learn, remember to share you gifts openly and generously. Its impossible for me to give all my experiential wisdom away. As I live, it replenishes itself.

We wont live long enough to give all your gifts away. You children wont live long enough to receive all the good, graces and gifts you have for them. Your DNA will show up in lives you’ll never see. Give while you live. Give without hesitation. Give to anyone who will receive you. Don’t be deceived by jealousy and envy.
There is no competition. Ever.
I am my mother’s baby and you are the miracle of yours. We will begin and end at our own accord.


1. “What if they copy and steal my idea Stone?”
“You should be so lucky!”
There is no new information. Nothing new under the sun. They only thing new is you. Your signature way of doing things. You are an originator. Let them copy. No one can stand in your energetic field but you. Let it flow.
Now, which of you will be as successful as McDonnell’s is in making that burger?
Let it go. Do you.

2. “What if they’re intimidated by my gifts?”
That means they’re wavering confidence and insecurities have shaken them. That is not your charge to resolve.
You continue to be present with your gifts. Always respond from your strength based position and be willing to support them if they should ask.

3. “What if I’m afraid Stone? What if I’m not enough?”

Then be with that. It will pass and come again. That feeling is your friend. Acknowledge it with love, contemplation and collaboration. Then make that strength based decision. The thing about FEAR is that it has been learned and confirmed over your life time. Whether it was by a movie, a horror story, the news or an actual experience of yours. It is in concert with something you already believe. The trick is to greet the fear, ask again, “What is it that I’m to be afraid of again?” Listen for the answer. Think about it and then respond with your experiential wisdom. It could be that that fear is from a childhood wound that the adult in you wont ever tolerate; therefore you are safe from that particular fear. It could be that fear was valid when you were twenty. At a time long before you made your first money. Before your first few major accomplishments. Even before you had to learn through experience. Get it on a cellular level as opposed to a warning from someone else’s wisdom. You were hard headed and needed a soft, swollen bump in life to get the message to morph into best life practices. Don’t be afraid, just call the fear by name and listen for the answer. You will find the fear is not a load and scary when you stop to listen. You are always enough. The fear itself will wax and wane. You just learn to evolve from and with it.
Thank you for your thoughts and journeying with mine.

If I can coach with you, you are welcome. Let’s have some breakthroughs. Go file out the spiritual gift questionnaire

Then come to a personable call with me.

Let’s schedule some time together, contact me at

I have a few questions for you~

What’s the reason for overindulging?

It doesn’t matter if we are foodaholic, alcoholic, shopaholic, sexaholic, or possess a poverty mentality. It’s the addition to indulgence that goes against our conviction and purpose.   

Are we willing to sit with that question and listen for the answer?  

Here’s a reasonable assumption: “If we are overindulging, than we are also compensating for a void.” 

If so, then what are compensating for?

Where’s the lack? 

Can we compartmentalize it, prioritize it, or do we need to neutralize it?

This answer will allow us to take its power away and return it to ourselves.

Does it matter what the indulgence is?

Is it parallel or opposite or in contrast to something, someone or an event?

Once the lack is identified, can we separate that situation from our current participation or indulgence? 

Its all about balance, isn’t? 

Are we conscious of the ‘truth’ that has to be present to participate in a self defeating action?

Do we recognize that thought pattern that has now become our vicious spiral?

Now that we are paying attention, we are conscious of it. It’s time to work. 

Work with the exact thought that precipitates and allows the indulgence.

Work to isolate the mindset that produces this effect? 

Now that we have begun the work…

“We have to have apply a strict diet to our thought consumption. Every thought also affects our spirit and willingness to participate.”

Remember to question those things that cause an ‘effect.’

It could turn out be some old fears that aren’t scary any more. 


Think of the most important question you can ask yourself?


I’ll share mine;

“Why is my spirit willing to do anything against my body; what’s on my mind?”

Write yours down and spend some quite time with it. The answers will be loud and clear. 

Getting the answers to these questions will produces a valuable record of comtemplation for ourselves.

This has been a successful exersize I do with my clients. We have consciously adopted some good habits and dismissed some bad habits by working this process.

Thank you for thinking, questioning and sharing your energy with me. I always receive your positive energy abundantly.

If you want to discuss your thoughts further. Fill out the form on the top right for a complementary strategy session with me.


Define Shame

Let’s talk about shame. Which one of these scenarios is most shameful and disgusting?


A. Would you rather be the poster child for keeping the secret and enabling the rapist and child molester?


B. Taking your power back by peaking and healing from the secret that hurt you.

C. Speaking and empowering others to speak up too.



When you tell it, you empower others to speak on it. Too many of us have experienced and know the worst secret. Its time to release it.


SHAME on ALL the adults who protected and enabled that sick bastard to continue to rape and robe those little boys of their innocence and self esteem. 


Sadly the football coach isn’t the only one being cheered on by silence.

Ladies, please tell that you were molested. That’s the only way to take your power back.
Gentlemen, please speak up if you were violated, its the only way to get your manhood back. 

Children, Don’t participate in your abuse by keeping it a secret. Protecting the perpetrator enables him to rape and violate another child.


Silence is a golden opportunity to allow child molestation to continue.


The truth is…

It’s still negatively affecting you right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or have a PO. (Chief Executive Officer or Probation Officer)


You maybe fooling yourself on how shame and pain are represents itself in your life. You may be self-medicating with food, drugs or sexual promiscuity. All three are means of handling difficult situations. Coping with the pain. 


Note: “All fat people, drug addicts, prostitutes or the spending bingers are not always the victims of child abuse, but all food, drug and sex addicts are attempting to medicate the pain.”


Only you know what you can be released from by telling it.

What you can’t imagine is the level greatness you will free yourself to be.


What’s holding you back?


Don’t settle for where you are, you can be so much more. Release the boundaries. 


Recognize the signs. Appreciate the warnings. Participate in the blessing. 


ALL things that exist are also present. Meaning there is always evidence of it.

Everything that has happened to you is present with you. What form it takes is largely up to you. 

Whether its your education, your violation or your procrastination, the effects of it are present.  

The effects of NOT doing something, are just as present as the effects of doing something.


This is what to do~> Speak and Heal! 

If you don’t tell it you allow it to continue. 

If you do tell it, then you can begin to heal yourself.

When you tell it, you can stop it and possibly prevent it from happening to someone else. 


Don’t be afraid to reach out for professional help. Call you local crisis hot line for help. There is not judgement but many resources are waiting for you there. 


The best thing I ever did was to tell it. I found so many people had the same experience but didn’t have the courage to speak on it. Be encouraged by the numbers. I got counseling and grew into my power to help and coach others through. 

A blessing to others became a blessing to me.


Now I’m an exceptional woman, wife, mother, author, friend and successful business owner. 
You may be fooling yourself about what form secrets take. The stress of hiding a abuse takes its toll on you in addition to the actual assault you’ve gone through. 


Just because you omit it or lie about it doesn’t change the truth about it. The truth remains even when lies are all around it. 


Speak and heal.


Speaking is not about sharing gory details, rather its about standing up for what hurt you so it doesn’t ever happen again. Hurt is hurt. You went through it once how are you willing to experience it now?


Speak to heal it not to relive it. 

Speak to give the power back to yourself. Your voice will also empower someone else. 


Don’t forget to sign up on the top right hand corner to receive communication from me and my free audio on how to manifest. 

Political Correctness Is The Barometer In Your Back

Did you get a red star for political correctness?

Remember in high school when we hung out with who we wanted to hang out with; said what we wanted to say with no worries of political correctness or tolerance? 

You know, like kids do. 


College resembled the real world. That’s where we learned how to be politically correct. When we stood for something, we learned how to hold an effective protests. I had to practice curbing my thoughts, taming my tongue and being conscious of facial expressions. The learning curve was sharp. 


During assimilation, I developed a habit of not speaking my truth. It may have started earlier, but that’s a different story. 

The point is the deliberate suppression of my voice came with severe anxiety. It could last for weeks unprocessed within me or be taken out on someone else. 


I didn’t know how to handle the biological effects of silencing my true expression. I even thought it was a silly question to ask about. Barring the class clown, I thought everybody else has it down. I went through it alone.


One day my political science instructor said something to the class that sent a sharp painful shrike up my back. I was highly offended by his statement. I had something to say but the politically edited version wasn’t coming to mind fast enough. 


I opened my mouth and let I him have it straight from my gut. 

I felt the release and an undeniable validation of my presence in that space. 

Once I stopped talking, and listened and the class was applauding. Later a class mate told me she had never heard someone so eloquently get put in their place. I said thank you. Silently agreeing wailing curse words is not my class room style.  


This commentary is not about the instructor or what was said, rather thanksgiving for the courage to honor the barometer preset in my heart, my backbone and my head. 


Allowing it to be set in stone, I claimed the route to my strength & calm.

I know my virtues and mission work in concert. Sometimes the my truth hurts. 

I recognized the cue; if I feel a shrike run up my back, its time to let it go with speed. 

Political correctness had been trumped by personal effectiveness. I celebrated being thoughtful just and fair. The contrary was never my challenge. I now trust my strength, my intellect and my balance. 

I allow it unedited and without apology. I’m sure someone else has had this experience other than me. Was it you?

I was pleased to be received as eloquent. Nice, but that wasn’t important. Do you put this much thought into how you’re being received?  

I think the most important thing is your committed values to self. I respond from this regardless of the actions of someone else’s.

I understood for the first time my convictions and compassion where already integrated. Professionally and personally, that is the truest form of assimilation. 

When was the first time you felt congruent in your spirit?

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. You will never go wrong that way. Respond from your intuitive tract. It can be thought of as the bone in you back.

My intent is to share my presence and all facets of my personality without apology. This way, I can experience and enjoy the difference in other’s. 

Never be afraid of any misconceptions. It’s no secret who is a liar, or who is evil. Just look and listen. Their horns will screech and their slobber will glisten. All things have a way of identifying themselves without your permission. 


Share you story of self realization. Lots of people read my blog and resonate on some level. Add you voice. I would love to hear from you.

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Your spiritual presence identifies you spiritual wealth. Responding from that place is so much healthier than reacting from a physical place.

-Stone Love

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What Stone Say’s About Love

What would Stone say?

(After you read this article, leave me a comment, what would your strength say?)

If the question is love, then consider this…

When you honor the god in you, you may lose some folks, friends, family and preferably some bad habits.

What if you love someone but hate their behavior, attitude and their obvious self-loathing lifestyle?

My strength says: Forgive them and leave them alone. Turn that love and interest back on yourself and LIVE.

What do you do if you’ve forgiven them, and have left them alone, but it breaks your heart to miss them?

My strength says: Its ok to miss someone you love. Be thankful the love is still with you.

Love is always enough.

You can love them and miss them, but you can’t save ‘anyone’ from themselves.
What’s that, “Where ever we go we take ourselves with us.” 

Therefore the hateful, disrespectful, dirty little spirit they’ve shown themselves to be, goes where ever they go.  You charge is to get out of the way. 

A ‘broken heart’ is a perspective that you have to consciously reject in your mind to mend your heart.

Through introspection, change the definition of lose to gain. Loose the bull chips for self respect and merit.

Placing the emphasis on loving you from the inside out. 

What if you know they need you?

My strength says: Don’t believe they need you because they don’t. Is it possible for their negative energy to be fed by you? 

No one needs you unless ‘they’ think they do.

No matter how good you are to them, they can’t need you until they perceive your value

There’s nothing new under the sun.

“We believe, we perceive, we receive then experience on that level.”

It’s not enough for you to ‘know’ they need you. They have to recognize the value of your presence in their life.
If they don’t, they don’t need you. They are free to move about he country and so are you.

Let them go.

Whether it is a romantic relationship, a parental relationship, a kinship or a friendship, your contribution of love can’t be received unless THEY perceive it that way.

We must first show up to give love to ourselves before we can receive love from someone else.

My strength says: Most things we don’t practice go unrecognized.

“Have faith that the experience you want is available for you; accept the fact it’s not available right now, with this person.”  

Love is available everywhere all the time. We have to trained our eyes to recognize it.

Loving scenarios are created in the eyes of the beholder. 

My strength says: We intuitively know what love feels like. Confusion and disconnect come when we define it egotistically, look at it logically, even come at it culturally that we become troubled by love.  

You may not find the love you think you deserve in the child you gave birth to. 

You may not find the love you think you deserve from the person you’re married to.

You may not find the love you think you deserve from anyone you’ve shown your love to. It’s true and its ok to share love with any of the millions of people on the planet. 

Choose to love regardless until you’re breathless. 

My strength asks: Are you accepting disrespect in the name of love?

If yes

Then you are NOT honoring the god in you.

There is No way to reconcile the two.

Choose to honor the god in you; Step away with love, forgiveness and forgo the lower experience.

How to honor the god in you?

DECIDE TO: Love, forgive and forgo the lower experience. Hold the mirror to your face and give that same interest and commitment of love to yourself. 

How will I know I have the love I deserve?

My strength says: When you can look in the mirror and say, “Yes I love you!” to your own face, then you can walk away from disrespect with grace.


Stoneologys Experiential Wisdom~

I’m an expert in helping people to reveal their spiritual gifts and use them powerfully and lovingly in their lives. I believe the reason we receive our spiritual gifts is so we are encouraged to give.

“I believe sharing ourselves prosperously edify’s the god in us.” 

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“Most beautiful Testimonial”

Angela ‘Anmiri’ Riley

A beautiful friend/sister named Stone Love has gifted me with divine encouragement and edification.

I really can’t express to you all the excitement and hope I feel just by being exposed to her spirit. She is truly connected to God and somehow I know she will always be in my life.

I respect her for who she is and how she is.

The holy spirit is her ATMOSPHERE and her guidance that is very evident in her communication and life.

I’m not one to reach out and discuss details of my turmoil or tribulations, but I am trying to get better with that; because I need to be able to do that.

Discerningly, of course. But when you have someone so connected spiritually that they KNOW what you need without even knowing what you need, oohwee…Glory to God!

The last thing she gave me were these words:

“Get ready for a beautiful and powerful life”

Our conversation is still bringing me to tears.

A release.

It’s quite amazing. I thank God for her.

There was so much more she deposited in me and lifted out of me throughout all the words she gave me, but I wanted you to see the statement she left me with. In full context, it would stir you up the same way it stirred me up! LOL! Glory!

And for those who are stirred-up by it, even in it’s solitude…Yes!!

Those words must resonate for you somehow, as well.

*In closing, I want to thank you, Stone.

Thank you for the choice to live as you were meant to live.

Thank you for answering God’s call.

Thank you for your relationship with God.

Thank you for the discipline, humility and growth it took throughout your walk that has gotten your relationship where it is today.”

Thank You God for your beloved Stone!

Humbly and Sincerely,
Your Mentee and Sister, 

Angela ‘Anmiri’ Riley

Do You Know How Not To Argue And Win?

Interpersonal communication tip.

*No one can honor you but you.

*No one can disrespect you but you.

*No one owes you anything.

*Only be concerned when you don’t keep your promises to yourself.  



Do you know how to argue and win?

Here’s a well thought out thought.

Consider this: In an argument, especially with a person inexperienced in presenting an affective ‘argument.’

Recognize, the one in the most pain will be the loudest.
The one who is most experienced in being abused, will be proficient at being abusive.
The one who is most miserable, will be belligerent.
Therefore, if you don’t share their misery, why join in it?
Silence is always good.
That way they can hear themselves.
A person listening to themselves learns nothing new.

You learn this activity may not be the best use of your time.
Leave a fool happy.
No need to interrupt them with your logic. The same logic that got them to their current state is the same logic that ‘still’ defies yours.
Whereas, an argument between two people with ideas they’re willing to exchange or also listen, its then that the reasoning can begin. Until then just smile and nod.

Now what say you to that?