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Stone FaureStone Faure, affectionately called “Stone Love”, has resided in the San Francisco Bay Area all her life. She is evolving into the woman, the little girl in her has always wanted to be. Through her writing she has discovered the path to her “Strength and Calm™”. Sharing her heart of experiences has connected her to her lifeʼs cause. Stone has witnessed the transformational power of her writing as trajectory to spiritual wealth. Through her expression in pen, she has reached untold hearts of silence and offered a voice of solace.

As the mother of grown children, 5 daughters and a son. Stoneʼs birth of experience has appreciated into compassion and an esteemed awareness of people as individuals.

Her professional alcaldes and accomplishments include Author, International Speaker, and Certified Group Coach. As a sales professional Stone earned monthly client commendations. She enjoys the proud designation of Presidents Club Charter Member. Stone has also been named and awarded the distinction in Leaders of Success. Ultimately being named one of the three top sales professionals in the State of California by Pacific Bell Residential Service Center.

Stone has been religiously writing in her personal journals for over 20 years. Compiling several poems and short stories. Her first public piece was in response to the death of a dear friends son shortly after his birth. Readers found the poem so touching, they began to solicit Stone to write personalized poetry for them as well. To this day, Stone continues to write personalized poetry for her clients and close friends. Her readers have also encouraged Stone to pursue a professional career in writing. Taking that advice, she sought out a writing coach and began to master her craft.

Stone believes her strength in writing comes from sharing her truth with honesty and vulnerability. These are the core values that lead to best selling author.

Stoneʼs professional transferable skill have helped her to become a moving speaker and motivating certified group coach. Stoneologys business values and mission are in alignment with the same integrity, honesty and vulnerability she displays in her writing.

She surmises that looking back over time with a contemplative reflection, breeds wisdom, feeds the spirit and hones the lessons of life.

About The Book


My book, “Stoneologys, A Lovely Perspective in Solid Wisdom.” Its my spiritual gift of self to you. You may Buy this book to add to your collection of inspirational tools.

“STONEOLOGYS” is a compilation of my experience inspired wisdom. Iʼm presenting it to you in journal form so that when you resonate with me, you can note it for future reflection.


I believe, “Wisdom” is a reflective view with 7 known advantages:

 1. You lived through it.
 2. You have made the “decision” to heal yourself by forgiving them.
 3. You have exchanged the devastation you felt with spiritual wealth;

Positivity that breeds health.

 4. You can now say, “This is what Iʼve grown to know!”
 5. You can now choose to retell your story with humor. No more tears.
 6. You have allowed the past to flow into your own experience

Your inspired wisdom.

 7. “It is just your story. It is NOT nor ever was, who YOU are.” 


 Excerpts from the book:
“A welcoming heart can be disappointed in their extension of kindness, generosity or hospitality. Take heart kind one, don’t change. Take your time in extending yourself. Note the first clue of shallowness to temper your illusion. Disappointment is the dissolving of your own illusion. Everything and everyone is not your blessing, your temperament is it”
“Practice forgiving. Just forgive them. Know that their decision making skills, malignant nature, and spectacular stupidity will lead them to their demise without YOU.”“I decided to ignore the things vying for my attention, and trying not to remain small. Regardless of my weight, hair doo, to do list or even the vacillating zero’s in my bank account. When I am blessed to wake up feeling healthy and strong, I’m excited to carry that feeling all day long~Practicing this fills my well of spiritual wealth.”

I first became a published writer when I prayed for the strength and resolve to share the most intimate and transformational experience of my life.

As a professional speaker, my story is spoken live from the stage of “Amazing Women™.”

My additional prayer was that by telling my story I could help free you to tell yours. You may Buy the DVD to share and heal with your own family.


As a Certified Group Coach, I have been able to aid my clients in making the transformational shift in thinking that leads them to their spiritual wealth. You can Buy Personalized & Group Coaching Sessions for your needs. I am experienced and can help you make the paradigm shift you deserve.

“Stonelologys Group Coaching Program” employs a more cognitive group coaching style. Meaning my group coaching practice is measured by the learners experiencing a paradigm shift.

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