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Stone Faure Speaking at Ritz Carlton, Toronto

Stone Faure Speaking at Ritz Carlton, Toronto

I’m willing to speak the unadulterated truth about me.


Because I have triumphantly lived through it, captured the lessons from it and feel blessed to tell it.

I’m holding myself accountable to this mission: to lead by example, reveal through story telling and heal without apology.

What do I mean by “heal without apology”?

Iʼve taken responsibility for what has happened to me without feeling sorry, or continuing to victimize myself. I’ve decided to create, give and live a happy ending.

My expertise is in communication. I have experienced tremendous success just by sharing my perspective on wisdom, loving logic and emotional intelligence. The success is not only measured in the monetary sense, but most importantly in my interpersonal and business relationships. I am an expert in communicating “felling” to people. When there is feeling, there is action.

I donʼt mind sharing a whimsical story of my own humanness or an embarrassingly dismal story that brought me to my knees in prayer. If my experience will help lift you up and out of your restrictions, I’m in. Chances are you or someone in your family has experienced the same thing or worst. I’m just willing to share my healing from it.

Remember, Iʼve already lived through it. I’ve decided not to continue suffering from it.

I’ve learned to laugh at myself, and put a smile on my face in the place of pain. I can show you how to redress old wounds, allow them to breathe and heal. I am the results of this work. “I get the most love just by being me.”
I have built lasting relationships just by being a happier me.

Iʼve dismantled the main ingredient to my success and that is, honesty and vulnerability in relationships. Most people are afraid to just ‘Be’.

Fear of being hurt prevents you from being free to soar.

You are being sacrificial to yourself when you’re being superficial with anyone else.

There is no real healing without accessing real feelings to heal. Make sense?

Here’s the simple part:

We know that nothing gets done without a relationship of giving in place. We must be able to give joy in order to receive joy.

A service reputation builds a reciprocal relationship to receive. Simple rule to live by.

Beware of extravagance, it’s usually meant to distract your attention from what’s real. A boa of feathers can cover up a boa constrictor.

A giving relationship with your client gets you a warm introduction to your next referral.

Relationship with your child can save his life.
“Shut up and listen” is not a wise phase. You must listen to them in order to correct them.

A relationship with God can deliver you.

HE’s that bridge over troubled waters.

The content of my speaking engagements on relationships have motivated morals, and generated new revenue. I’ve accomplished this by offering a new and skilled perspective.

Iʼve designed my programs based on preferred results. Your executive and Group Coaching needs are what Iʼm most interested in learning.

Iʼm sure its more important for me to hear your goals and agendas than it is for you to hear my programs benefits and features.
There is no new information just a fresh perspective on how to apply it to your business needs and personal agenda.

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I would love to be part of your success.




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