I write best in short stories, thrilling vignette and absolute truths.

I always been encouraged to write. My instructors encouraged me, my friends asked for personalized poetry and I would write down what I dare not say.

Iʼm very proud to have contributed one of my most powerful and transformational stories to Marsh Engleʼs Book, “Amazing Woman, Whatʼs Your Story?” Several beautiful women and I participated in a Marsh Engle coaching & writing program, which resulted in my first published story.

The experience was awesome for me. During the course we were asked to think of our most transformational story to share.

My story was life changing, painful and remained very private for many years. The process of deciding to share this story gave me an unexpected growth spirit. I felt powerful and lightened. I felt cleaned and refreshed. I experienced a peace of mind for the first time.

This story became a life mission. Since I told my experience of being molested as a child, my spoken voice has encouraged many men and women to speak up for themselves.

I wish I could share the private letters of love and praise in appreciation for writing and sharing my story.

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