Bottle It & Sell It~


Bottled and ready to sell~


OK so you know I’m always thinking of ways to serve right? Well, now I can show you how I make money doing it. Remember when I told you I was one of top 3 sales persons in Northern California for the number telecom company in the US?

I may have told you my sales & service skills earned me a piece of the ‘Rock’ from New York Life.

I’m sure I didn’t tell you my retail and radio team was responsible for MC Hammer’s album ranking number one for 21 weeks on the Billboard Charts.

I may not have told you about all of my accolades, but there’s one thing you know for sure, I’m a personable people magnet.

While I was in San Diego this weekend at the Feminine Entrepreneurs Experience, I worked on something for you.


I’ve separated the main ingredients of my success in building lasting and lucritive business relationships. Bottled it, and the ‘success’ is ready to pour all over your business. I would love to be a part of your success!


 Become a master communicator that connects success with your business.


Learn to attract and retain a loyal clientele of supporters. I’ve have the success I’m speaking of within this competitive social media arena.


Receive personable coaching from me that tailors ‘your success’ to you and your business.


We are all different with something special. I have built and enjoyed successful relationships with people from all around the world. I’ll show you exactly how, then you do it your way. Kinda of like mastering a new dance then making it your own~


I’ve observed the different behaviors on many levels of psychographic and socioeconomic backgrounds. I have isolated the components of why my connections have been so fruitful and successful.

It’s not about me, it’s about a state of knowing. 

I can show you how to bring that skill into your business.


I studied communications in college and they taught me well to listen, acknowledge and repeat.

This course is about measurable, real time, real people and real money results from the receiver.

I’m going to show you how I have repeatedly made it to “Presidents Club,” “Leaders of Success” and earned my “Top Sales Star Crystals”.

It’s a 2 week group & personable course with 2 one on one session with me.

P.S. At the end of our course, remember to ask me, I’ll give you Stoneologys view on “How to allow love in your life too.”

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