Changing Your Definition, Changes How You Feel About It~

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Changing Definition & Giving Permission

I’m engaging you, Stoneologys Blog readers ~

Beautiful people are always complimenting me, then they ask the origin and of my name. I answer. I offer you advice to define yourself in you truest expression.

What ever your story is, its not YOU~
The events in your life don’t define you. They don’t deminish you. They strengthen you and give you permission to make a higher choices.

Change your definition and give yourself permission~> To be who you’ve always wanted to be~

Telling a story is always what it means to you. Make sure its really your view. Your views determine your experience and how others may perceive.

Change the definition of the painful, restricting thought.

For instance, this may be your life of the life of someone you know:

“I’m been a broken woman since my husband left”

Simply Change To….

“Time to break out of these old married clothes and shop for the right new pieces that represent me”

I couldn’t stand the thought of never seeing my mother again~

Simply Change To…..

“I have never been separated from my mother. When I get quiet I can hear her laughter and when I’m loud I can hear her voice coming out of my mouth”

Let’s try on together. Who has a sentence that represents a painful or restrictive thought?

I’m engaging you, Stoneologys Blog readers ~

What’s your despairing thought we can help change?

You see its our own individual definition that debilitates and defeats us.

No matter what the subject is, Death, Divorce, Down Sizing, Empty Nester what ever.

There is a thin line between a Catastrophic thought and Euphoric thought.

Redefine the line of your challenge sister.
Our manifestation strings are drawn by the way we think of things.
“Turn around “STRESSED” and whip it into “DESSERTS”

You have the power to pray and breathe into where it hurts. How sweet it is~

Witness someone else’s perspective. Whether you decide to take their advice or dismiss it. Respect the fact that you witnessed another persons perspective other than your own. Independently valued and standing alone.

Leave you statement in the comment section and we will help you reach for the definition that allows you to grow~>

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