STONEOLOGYSʼ basic philosophy on coaching is simply to change your definition.
You see its our own individual definition that debilitates and defeats us.
No matter what the subject is, Death, Divorce, Down Sizing, Empty Nester or what ever.

Itʼs also true that our own definition congratulates and completes us.

As your coach, I will support you in transforming your thoughts into a definition that supports your best agenda. You can make a difference in your own life by just changing the way you process information. Changing your definition will change your meaning of life.
The ultimate goal of STONEOLOGYSʼ is to congratulate the completed YOU.
Congratulations for being you. NO right now, congratulations for being you.
Congratulations on wanting a coach to teach you best practices.
What else would you expect a coach to do? Reach your desired potential right~
Considering your vast potential, I will coach you to practice being your best YOU.
Sound complicated? Just think of your high school coach. She would help you reach
your potential by practicing and working out the best part of YOU.

Changing your definition will change your meaning of life.


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