Controlling Your Thoughts~

When in distress, always look for the nearest exit. Moving quickly and quietly towards the closes route to you. Our illusions, conclusions and delusions can cause us immediate distress. Especially in our thoughts. We depend on false illusions to access our self-worth. We draw vivid conclusions based on scanty sketches in our minds. We choose to be delusional about one’s character based on status, race or wealth. 

Controlling one thought deter-mends your state of being. Become proficient in controlling your thoughts. Directing that spirit of static or dynamic, paralyzed or mobilized, lying or flying.

Controlling your thoughts is how to get access to your joy.

The next exit from distress often includes shutting your mouth. Words can tear down a relationship faster than love can ever build it or repair one.  

Remember our spiritual gifts. How we make it through. Reach for them often, until they begin to answer for you.

Find out who you are, be present and speak up for yourself.

 Sometime simply changing positions and moving to a higher place can help exit distress.

Mentally or physically, don’t allow yourself to wallow in a cesspool.

Decide on the next exit and move.

Your nearest exit from distress is the route to your spiritual gift. The gem that is YOU.

I am your Psychological Archeologist™ 

I help women and men to unveil their spiritual gifts.

We work to reveal the spiritual gem that is authentically them. I can help you discover your gifts through a gentle Stoneologys Excavation Process™ 

 Yvonne Sillitoe, back road drive Lusaka, Zumbia

Your nearest exit from distress is the route to your spiritual gift. The gem that is YOU.

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  1. I love this real world photo taken by my friend, Yvonne Sillitoe. She was enroute to a family buriel and had to access her spiritual gifts to get her through. Real life.

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