Counting every blessing~

I’m counting each and every blessing that has brought me to my current greatness. I’ve decided to see my pain as part of the blessing. I’ve decided to see myself as part of HIS GREATNESS.

Each disappointment, trail and tribulation is as much a part of my blessing as my encouragements and triumphs. All of these things go into the building of who I am.

A dear author by the name of St. Patrick Author, said to me just yesterday. “God knows what our blessings should be.” That touched me. I was immediately encouraged to count every episode of my life as my blessing. I will never disguise the God in me with a mask of shame, regret or an unwillingness to forgive. Therefore in all things, triumphantly I live~

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  1. Mika Young says:

    Amen! You are a “Precious Stone”, and without your knowing it, you are mentoring me into greater and greater levels of transparency. I appreciate you and the process that God is working through you. Thank you for your courage. Unlimited Blessings!
    – Mika

  2. You are my blessing~
    Thank you so much for acknowledging me along your journey. I will gladly listen to your heart through mine. Mika, I have asked, “Why me LORD?” HE didn’t answer right away, nor is HE finished with me.

    Then there is a note from you…..
    GOD has sent you to help me through.

    That’s why I say, “You are my blessing!”

    Stone Love~

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