Define Shame

Let’s talk about shame. Which one of these scenarios is most shameful and disgusting?


A. Would you rather be the poster child for keeping the secret and enabling the rapist and child molester?


B. Taking your power back by peaking and healing from the secret that hurt you.

C. Speaking and empowering others to speak up too.



When you tell it, you empower others to speak on it. Too many of us have experienced and know the worst secret. Its time to release it.


SHAME on ALL the adults who protected and enabled that sick bastard to continue to rape and robe those little boys of their innocence and self esteem. 


Sadly the football coach isn’t the only one being cheered on by silence.

Ladies, please tell that you were molested. That’s the only way to take your power back.
Gentlemen, please speak up if you were violated, its the only way to get your manhood back. 

Children, Don’t participate in your abuse by keeping it a secret. Protecting the perpetrator enables him to rape and violate another child.


Silence is a golden opportunity to allow child molestation to continue.


The truth is…

It’s still negatively affecting you right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or have a PO. (Chief Executive Officer or Probation Officer)


You maybe fooling yourself on how shame and pain are represents itself in your life. You may be self-medicating with food, drugs or sexual promiscuity. All three are means of handling difficult situations. Coping with the pain. 


Note: “All fat people, drug addicts, prostitutes or the spending bingers are not always the victims of child abuse, but all food, drug and sex addicts are attempting to medicate the pain.”


Only you know what you can be released from by telling it.

What you can’t imagine is the level greatness you will free yourself to be.


What’s holding you back?


Don’t settle for where you are, you can be so much more. Release the boundaries. 


Recognize the signs. Appreciate the warnings. Participate in the blessing. 


ALL things that exist are also present. Meaning there is always evidence of it.

Everything that has happened to you is present with you. What form it takes is largely up to you. 

Whether its your education, your violation or your procrastination, the effects of it are present.  

The effects of NOT doing something, are just as present as the effects of doing something.


This is what to do~> Speak and Heal! 

If you don’t tell it you allow it to continue. 

If you do tell it, then you can begin to heal yourself.

When you tell it, you can stop it and possibly prevent it from happening to someone else. 


Don’t be afraid to reach out for professional help. Call you local crisis hot line for help. There is not judgement but many resources are waiting for you there. 


The best thing I ever did was to tell it. I found so many people had the same experience but didn’t have the courage to speak on it. Be encouraged by the numbers. I got counseling and grew into my power to help and coach others through. 

A blessing to others became a blessing to me.


Now I’m an exceptional woman, wife, mother, author, friend and successful business owner. 
You may be fooling yourself about what form secrets take. The stress of hiding a abuse takes its toll on you in addition to the actual assault you’ve gone through. 


Just because you omit it or lie about it doesn’t change the truth about it. The truth remains even when lies are all around it. 


Speak and heal.


Speaking is not about sharing gory details, rather its about standing up for what hurt you so it doesn’t ever happen again. Hurt is hurt. You went through it once how are you willing to experience it now?


Speak to heal it not to relive it. 

Speak to give the power back to yourself. Your voice will also empower someone else. 


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  1. Very powerful article, Ms. Stone. Thank you for sharing yourself in full.

    God’s Unlimited Blessings,

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