Do You Know How Not To Argue And Win?

Interpersonal communication tip.

*No one can honor you but you.

*No one can disrespect you but you.

*No one owes you anything.

*Only be concerned when you don’t keep your promises to yourself.  



Do you know how to argue and win?

Here’s a well thought out thought.

Consider this: In an argument, especially with a person inexperienced in presenting an affective ‘argument.’

Recognize, the one in the most pain will be the loudest.
The one who is most experienced in being abused, will be proficient at being abusive.
The one who is most miserable, will be belligerent.
Therefore, if you don’t share their misery, why join in it?
Silence is always good.
That way they can hear themselves.
A person listening to themselves learns nothing new.

You learn this activity may not be the best use of your time.
Leave a fool happy.
No need to interrupt them with your logic. The same logic that got them to their current state is the same logic that ‘still’ defies yours.
Whereas, an argument between two people with ideas they’re willing to exchange or also listen, its then that the reasoning can begin. Until then just smile and nod.

Now what say you to that?



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