Do you understand?


What is the appreciable difference between ‘KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING?

I’ll tell you what I think it is. Let’s compare our understanding. 

Memorizing the information vs internalizing the sensation. 

The difference between Knowledge and Understanding is Experience.

Wisdom is the fruit of experience.

A smart man is not the same as a wise man.

“I have a MBA, a certificate of knowledge.” Beautiful, but do you have experience? “Not yet.”  Thank you for coming in.

One cannot know what it feels like until they experience it.

 “I know three who survived, but I don’t know how they did it.”

“Knowing what I know with one kid, I don’t understand why you would want six kids.”

“I knew how to draw the diagram in my head, but the hands on experience taught me something I didn’t know.”

Do you know where you’re going to, do you like the things your life is ‘showing’ you? Do you know?

Experience is the best teacher.

“Sometimes a child can only learn a lessons through experience, even when they know better.

They have to get their own understanding of it to know”

Advice from a mother of six.

You can only know a person by experiencing them.

You can’t know what you would do, until you experience it.

Would you like an experienced pilot or a pilot instructor who has never take control of an aircraft?

The maxim in this post is to reaffirm the old proverb with a  Stoneologys notion,

“Know they self through experiencing thy self.”

We can never know another women’s experience enough to judge her.

Therefore, judge no man.

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  1. The old adage: “When we know better we do better”

    Not so….

    “Knowing is not the same as subscribing to an understanding.”

    Stoneologys’ say’s, “Once you know through experience, you will make better choices.”

    We all know better, but we can’t do better until we understand better. That understanding comes from the experiential level.

  2. Although, understanding can imply an “agreement to.” You can understand something, but still not agree.

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