“If You Want This, Then This Is How You Get It”

If You Want This…

Less stress and more love.

Less effort and more money.

Less confusion and more clarity.

Less static energy and more dynamic energy.

Less thought to the past gone by and more attention to

the life you want to experience now.

Stoneologys study has found…

There is a simple way to attract good energy, and genuine people into your life.

Start with just a few blessings. It doesn’t matter what they are.

Any one of them.

Everybody has at least three of them we can count right now.

It can be as simple as your last meal. Your current sobriety. Your last breath, or your last smile.

You waking up this morning.

The highway patrol passing you by last night. 

As big as realizing your latest tragedy or victim is now your experiential wisdom.

You can now snatch your hand away from the burning fire faster.

Stop the emotional eating faster.

Stop the emotional spending faster.

Stop the emotional dating faster.


What is thanksgiving?

“Being thankful”

Start with your prayers received; were your promises ever redeemed or retrieved?

Remember that earnest prayer request and heart felt petition?

Was it under win win conditions?

Let’s go back to the “IF…THEN”
“Father if you just grant me a child, then I promise to bring him up praising YOU.”

“Father if you just let this baby be born healthy, then I will be thankful and forgiving of everybody else.”

“Father if you just let this mortgage loan close, then I will share what I have with love.”

“Father if you just let me get another job, then I will honor you with more than my lips; I will honor you in how I live.”

“Father if you (fill in the blank), then I will (fill in the blank for YOU)

Are creating a state of reciprocity on your live?

Honor what you promised to do if and when your prayers were answered.

You remember what you said right?

Did you keep your end of the bargain? 

Have you been so busy you forgot to pay?

Have you decided on something else you wanted more?

Your conscience may not be keeping score, but that’s how you live in thanksgiving and attract even more.

The way to receive goodness in your life is by believing and doing the good pay back and the paying it forward.

Have you created another ‘situation’ that needs your attention before giving back became you first intention? Have you created a state of reciprocity?


Remember what you prayed, hoped and wished for.

Did you get it? 

Smile now if you can still  feel it.

 Be thankful and receive more by living in thanksgiving.

It’s all about spiritual wealth to receive living health 

The difference between teaching and preaching is ‘fruition.’ 

Preaching is talking about a vision. 

Teaching is showing you how to bring your vision into fruition.

That’s what I’ve learned to do. I’m an expert in creating a path back to the precious stone that is YOU.  


I would love to talk to you about what you’re dying to do in this life. Like many others, I can help you bring it to fruition.

Email me at stonelove@stoneologys.com 

Let’s see how we can help each other do what we say we want to do.

I want to serve by helping you live what you deserve.

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