“Honoring the God in Me”

I have given myself permission. I have total access to the promise. I am both powerful and compassionate, both gentle and strong. I have tamed my lioness to respond appropriately when I’ve been wronged. I honor the god in me, HIS strength balances my spiritual weakness. Then dries the tears of my humanness. With HIS might my willingness to fight, I am a conqueror.

Conqueror of the of things that were mentally paralyzing. Those things that would restrict my gifts and talents from being realized. In return for HIS blessing, my gifts are  shared. When I share my gifts I receive. When I honor the god in me I am well  relieved and no longer responding to fear. I am free to just ‘BE’ because of the god in me.

When I know that HE is with me I wont defile my temple, nor will I allow that evil privilege to you.  I share my gifts with nimble intentions. Skillful in knowing how to consult my intuition. I honor the god in me. This honorable thought strengthens me. All things are possible. 

Balance, strength and calm honors the god in me. “With HIS might and my willingness to fight I am proud to be more than a conqueror, I’m a thinker, a nurturer and a truth speaker.”

With this reflex of thought, I am nimble with my actions and good intentions. Thoughts that were mentally and physically paralyzing have been swiftly replaced with gumption and compartmentalization. I’ve found a small place for small things. Small habits of judging, jealously  and mockery of other people are put away. My focus is sharing my gifts to create my synergy around receiving.

 Honoring the god in me, there is congruences with like actions. I have confidence in my own presence because I dwell on HIM.

HE is my balance, so I stand firm in my convictions.

Embrace these thoughts for yourself today and share your experience with me or another friend.

Do you feel like a more powerful you when you conceptualize the god in you?

1 Corinthians 3:16

King James Version (KJV)

16.Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

Are your fears subsided because you now know your steps are guided?

Wake up to good intentions and notice how good things will capture your attention.

Good morning, I honor and greet the god in you. I see your prosperity. I Claim it with surety and comfort from pain when you need it.

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  1. D. Zemrah Gordon says:

    Thank you for this cool drink of water. It feels like loving kindness. ~Zemrah

  2. Betty Entzminger says:

    It is refreshing to know that as stunning as you are on the outside; your Godliness, Beauty and Wholesomeness radaites from the inside and let’s me know that the path that I am on is purposeful when I TRUST the Divine within. Thanks for the Inspiration this morning…

    • I accept and receive your blessing Ms Betty Entzminger.
      I mirror you in seeking HIS grace.
      I’m believing: Honoring the god within keeps us honest with ourselves on the outside.
      It’s a good morning sista~

  3. Barbara M. Gore says:

    I so honor the God in me..AND in you, dear Stone! I so see the GLORY of our King in YOU! WHAT a beautiful spirit you HAVE (!)..a work of ART, molded within the the Beauty and Balance of HIM..Who alone is GOD! I love you!

    Your sister and FRIEND,

    Minister Barbara Williams-Gore (KEEP shining..!!)

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