“How To Choose An Effective Coach”

“The splendor of your future is now. No one can sell you a brighter reflection of yourself.”


Everybody needs a coach. Accountability is the faith that produces results.
When choosing a coach, do it with mastery in mind. Look for flexibility. You will need that for your growth.
Find someone without a conflict of interest who will hone in on your strengths and sharpen them with you.
Beware of a static systems that will stunt dynamic growth.
Make sure they meet you where you are. It might be a place they’ve never been.
Still, a master can recognize, course correct and lead you upward.

Observe them. Listen to their word selection, they will always tell you what you ‘need’ to know.
The messages you receive will be accurate; even when the speaker say’s only what they ‘want’ you to hear.

Understand your success is what you feel and not what someone else can do for you.
The splendor of your future is now. No one can sell you a brighter reflection of yourself.
You are already present.
Since tomorrow is not promised, you are enough today.
Stay encouraged. Keep building and evolving. You will seek and attract what you need to learn.
Be thankful, then you’ll be better than yesterday.

As you learn, remember to share you gifts openly and generously. Its impossible for me to give all my experiential wisdom away. As I live, it replenishes itself.

We wont live long enough to give all your gifts away. You children wont live long enough to receive all the good, graces and gifts you have for them. Your DNA will show up in lives you’ll never see. Give while you live. Give without hesitation. Give to anyone who will receive you. Don’t be deceived by jealousy and envy.
There is no competition. Ever.
I am my mother’s baby and you are the miracle of yours. We will begin and end at our own accord.


1. “What if they copy and steal my idea Stone?”
“You should be so lucky!”
There is no new information. Nothing new under the sun. They only thing new is you. Your signature way of doing things. You are an originator. Let them copy. No one can stand in your energetic field but you. Let it flow.
Now, which of you will be as successful as McDonnell’s is in making that burger?
Let it go. Do you.

2. “What if they’re intimidated by my gifts?”
That means they’re wavering confidence and insecurities have shaken them. That is not your charge to resolve.
You continue to be present with your gifts. Always respond from your strength based position and be willing to support them if they should ask.

3. “What if I’m afraid Stone? What if I’m not enough?”

Then be with that. It will pass and come again. That feeling is your friend. Acknowledge it with love, contemplation and collaboration. Then make that strength based decision. The thing about FEAR is that it has been learned and confirmed over your life time. Whether it was by a movie, a horror story, the news or an actual experience of yours. It is in concert with something you already believe. The trick is to greet the fear, ask again, “What is it that I’m to be afraid of again?” Listen for the answer. Think about it and then respond with your experiential wisdom. It could be that that fear is from a childhood wound that the adult in you wont ever tolerate; therefore you are safe from that particular fear. It could be that fear was valid when you were twenty. At a time long before you made your first money. Before your first few major accomplishments. Even before you had to learn through experience. Get it on a cellular level as opposed to a warning from someone else’s wisdom. You were hard headed and needed a soft, swollen bump in life to get the message to morph into best life practices. Don’t be afraid, just call the fear by name and listen for the answer. You will find the fear is not a load and scary when you stop to listen. You are always enough. The fear itself will wax and wane. You just learn to evolve from and with it.
Thank you for your thoughts and journeying with mine.

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