“I Can’t Be Jealous of My Best Friend”

Jealousy is one of our first emotions expressed as infants. Growing through our journey’s we develop our emotional intelligence. We learn to appreciate the good character traits in other’s. Our healthy stride is to get them and hone them in ourselves.
We learn that we are our own best friends. I am her, and she is me. Can we be jealous of ourselves?

We choose and create our own reflections. We are our pejorative thoughts. We become surrounded by our own energy. That energy creates our experiences.
Knowing this, some things may need to be adjusted.

I choose to be an encourager to stay encouraged.
Our sound judgement replaces our critical judging.

I am my own reflection.

A good practice is to note the good in you. Consider the good you see in others as part of your arsenal too.
This practice will retrain your green eyes of envy to see beauty as a reflection of you.

This is a masterful task that many of us fall short of.
If you are miserable then you reflect, project and inflect misery on to other people. It has always been that simple.
If you are loving, then that energy is disbursed as your character currency.
We have a choice to see things as beautiful and compliment ourselves as the beholder.


I believe you when you say, “I’m beautiful.”

I believe you when you say, “I’m intelligent.”

I believe you when you say, “I’m compassionate.”

I believe you when you say, “I am lovely.”

I believe you when you say, “I’m patient.”

I believe you when you say, “I’m a good listener.”

I believe you when you say, “I’m a good parent.”

I believe you when you say, “I am a joy and pleasant to be around.”

I believe you when you say, “I’m thoughtful and profound.”

I believe you when you say, “You love me.”

I believe you because those things you graciously share, I first believed them of you.


Make your own list of good intentions. What you want to train your eyes to see. Things that reflect love and appreciation for your intuitive gifts.

Remember, your spirit is confident and your presence uplifts. Knowing this, will allow your good intentions to become automatic and swift.

Check and balance your true values with your relationship to self.
Are you being kind to you?
Does it make sense to compare your gifts to those anyone else’s?

Jealousy and envy has no place when we’re only competing with ourselves. As babies we needed 24 hour attention. As adults, we survive on our hearts good intentions.
We are who we think we are.
I believe, “I am who I say I am.” Stone Love.

There is no secret.

Your conflict ratio within is always reflected in your good health and spiritual wealth. We all get sick, but what is our disposition in sickness and in health?

Are we still bitter even when we feel better?

That is how you gage your spiritual wealth. Specifically , your relationship with self.

Jealousy and envy are signs you’ve veered off course in your potential. Be inspired by the gifts you recognize in others. Know that you can’t see them unless you possess the same capacity to be.

You are your own best friend.


Stoneologys Wisdom~


“If you would like me to walk with you and coach you a bit on your journey, just ask. I will share with you what I have.”

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