I have a few questions for you~

What’s the reason for overindulging?

It doesn’t matter if we are foodaholic, alcoholic, shopaholic, sexaholic, or possess a poverty mentality. It’s the addition to indulgence that goes against our conviction and purpose.   

Are we willing to sit with that question and listen for the answer?  

Here’s a reasonable assumption: “If we are overindulging, than we are also compensating for a void.” 

If so, then what are compensating for?

Where’s the lack? 

Can we compartmentalize it, prioritize it, or do we need to neutralize it?

This answer will allow us to take its power away and return it to ourselves.

Does it matter what the indulgence is?

Is it parallel or opposite or in contrast to something, someone or an event?

Once the lack is identified, can we separate that situation from our current participation or indulgence? 

Its all about balance, isn’t? 

Are we conscious of the ‘truth’ that has to be present to participate in a self defeating action?

Do we recognize that thought pattern that has now become our vicious spiral?

Now that we are paying attention, we are conscious of it. It’s time to work. 

Work with the exact thought that precipitates and allows the indulgence.

Work to isolate the mindset that produces this effect? 

Now that we have begun the work…

“We have to have apply a strict diet to our thought consumption. Every thought also affects our spirit and willingness to participate.”

Remember to question those things that cause an ‘effect.’

It could turn out be some old fears that aren’t scary any more. 


Think of the most important question you can ask yourself?


I’ll share mine;

“Why is my spirit willing to do anything against my body; what’s on my mind?”

Write yours down and spend some quite time with it. The answers will be loud and clear. 

Getting the answers to these questions will produces a valuable record of comtemplation for ourselves.

This has been a successful exersize I do with my clients. We have consciously adopted some good habits and dismissed some bad habits by working this process.

Thank you for thinking, questioning and sharing your energy with me. I always receive your positive energy abundantly.

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