“I’m Sure My Decisions Are Strength Based.”

Understanding your decisions and knowing you’ve made the right one, done the right or best thing, is not an easy task;

nor should it be left to chance. 

Stoneologys can help.

We all know the statement, “When we know better, we do better.”

That statement is NOT true. Right? 

We can know better, but still choose to serve our passion and not our intuition. 

Do you know when your decisions are intuitive and spirit based?   

Do you know when your decisions are based on passion and circumstance? 

Stoneologys can help.
Can we remain virtuous and still be victorious?

Of course we can!

I know I’ve made passion based decisions that were WRONG. 

I also know I’ve NEVER made a spirit based or intuitive decision that led me WRONG.

Stoneologys’, “The Psychological Archeologist Series,” has developed a formula. 

“I’m Sure My Decisions Are Strength Based.”

Being true to ourselves is when we make decisions based on our values and virtues. 

When we get caught up in the circumstance or the passionate spiral we are subject to a lower vibration. 

Stoneologys can help.
Knowing Thy Self, is discovering our values and virtues.

Honoring our values and virtues is honoring the God within us.

“The Psychological Archeologist Series” is all about


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  1. If you would like to sign up for this course please let me know by email stonefaure@stoneologys. I’m scheduling the course dates based on the interest. I have offered two courses in the past to accommodate class size.

  2. Tresie Corcuchia says:

    Your vision has enabled many of us to find our self worth and live up to our full potential. You are AMAZING and I look forward to attending another one of your inspirational and encouraging classes.

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