“I’ve Been Invited To Speak On The WGC Cruise”

“I’ve been invited as an ‘Expert Speaker’ on The WGC Cruise”

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Earlier this year I had the opportunity to travel with ‘The Women Of Global Change 2013’

It was a service mission, business training sessions and a 5 star play adventure in Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica was the top destination on my bucket list. I’m grateful to have checked it off.

NIne years ago I decided and registered for a 12 week spanish emersion course.

I got my passport and was ready to gift myself by studying spanish abroad.  


One of my signature talks is on how ‘All 4 Cylinders Have To Be Ready To Fire.’

The spirit to go on my dream trip had been broken. 

My mom was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. During her illness I postponed the trip. 

I lost my mom. In the intense grief I suffered energetically and emotionally. I cancelled the trip indefinitely.  

In time, I learned to grieve with grace. My excitement to grow and serve returned to me.

Still I didn’t know how rejuvenate and create a trip to Costa Rica. I just knew I was open to travel, business growth, service and adventure. That is WGC!

My mom’s birthday was February 8.

My favorite number is 8 

Every significant man in my life has a ‘life path’ number of 8.

(My Husband, former husband, my father and our son)

I knew my mom’s loving and confirming smile was shinning on me. In constant communication because my spiritual mother lives in my heart. So we go everywhere together. All decision are made by consulting my intuition.

“I declared this was my time and gift to serve.”


WGC 2013 Costa Rica, Rappelling 220ft

19729_10104033347880404_1275748007_nI love Shellie Hunt, CEO & Founder of ‘The Women Of Global Change. 

She is the mastermind behind bringing women together for global change. 


Berny Dohmann Costa Rica


Comfortably surrounded by thought leaders, decision makers, I was sure to be present with the opportunity. We offered one another A-list networking, and the training we received was exceptional. 



I was able to build business relationships that allow me to continue to explore my strengths and increase my value of service. I had the opportunity to sit for 2 hours with Berny Dohmann discussing my business passion. Berny generously shared his brilliant business mind. He gave me a GPS on how to obtain my success.  





Instant connection of sisterhood with Lauren Miller, “Faith and the spoken word unleash prosperity. During our breakout session, we were asked to walk up to the person who we felt exhibited the most leadership up to this point on the trip. Lauren and I walked up to each other teary eyed and embraced without a word spoken.”

One of the most beautiful experiences of my life time. To be mirrored back your own sentiments for someone else as a compliment to yourself.


307987_531670636858734_1909367559_n “Mr Less Brown called me while I was doing my first live event at the Clairmont in Berkerly, California.

He called to wish me great success on my first live event.

He reminded me that I had greatness within me.

He also said he had observed something when we met for the first time at his home in LA.

I was introduced to him by one of my clients who is also his attorney.

 Les Brown said,

“Stone, you have the ‘It Factor’

 I asked him what that meant. He said, “It means you have something that can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t. You got ‘It’ Stone”                  


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABarry Donaldson, father, businessman extrodinaire and inspirational friend.

Barry: “Stone, let me help myself by helping you become successful”

I love that statement from Barry.

Barry: “Are you ready?”

I said, “Yes!” 

Barry: Are you coachable?  

I said, “I am.”

“OK Stone, it will be hard work, but I’m going to help you. I’m going to introduce you to a business that will change your life” 



 My duties as a loving wife, proud mother of 6 adults who have gifted us with 13 grandchildren, I’ve always been able to play a bigger game. With WGC, I continue to make my international presence felt. 


Our family cruise to the Southern Caribbean, July, 2013

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Honor to be recognized as an expert in my field. Thankful to be asked to speak on the stages of

‘The Women Of Global Change 2014’


WGC stage is a global opportunity. I know I will resonate and create something fabulous to share with the world. 

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“It will be my pleasure to share my gifts at sea.”  


“We all know, a woman on a mission can make a difference, but get a group of women together and we can change the world.”

~Women Of Global Change

 The philosophy of Stoneologys’ and WGC are in complete alignment.

~Stone Love



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