“I’ve Come to Remind You”

Make friends with the little girl in you.

Forgive her child like conclusion when she was forced to make adult decision. Mother her now so she won’t embarrass you while acting out and seeking redemption. Grant her life permission to bring all her grand thoughts and dreams to fruition. Give her all that she wanted to see in you. Create that intertwined balance, the alliance that will pull you through. You now have the advantage of a full-grown womanly panoramic view.

In a world made up of 1 & 0’s
, we have to come full circle in order for things to straighten out and run smoothly. 
I’m sure somebody has said this before, but not in the way I mean it. Can you guess how I mean it?
Try a few of these hints. I’m sure in your experience, you’ve seen it.

When you feel envious, pretentious and judgmental that’s her strength reminding you of your true potential.

Your choice in men will reflect her fears.

Her un-cried tears will be the blame for your well of anguish & irrational anger.

Her stolen innocence will be your guilt in achieving excellence.

The level of her childhood pain will be your adult tolerance for abuse.

Her fragile mental health will cause disease in your physical health.

Self Worth
A devalued you child can grow up believing in, and restraining to those same worthless boundaries as an adult. Healing your childhood will begin to reveal your true worth.

If any of this resonates with you, imagine just one child using our voices could rescue.

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  1. This is my message, simply to speak and heal.
    In speaking on it, you invite others to tell their. That is my mission. I have gained so much from just stating my pain. I have taken the power back from the fear and shame and redirected it to facilitate someone else’s gain.

    Speak & Heal my friend~

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