“Just Be Still”

When you feel vexed in your spirit,”Just Be Still.”

During the ebb and flow of life, we are rarely reacting to the current event.

We are often responding to the last wave of stress. It’s a good idea to step back and relax our thoughts before responding to a tense moment.

Loose lips sink friendships and capsize kinship.

Move slow to anger, it’s hard to revive a broken heart.

There is always time to respond without being distracted by wrath, vexation or  revenge.

Other people’s actions are their responsibility. Their actions are for “Information Purposes Only.”

You have now been introduced to who you are actually dealing with. As Maya Angelou says,”When a person shows you themselves, believe them the first time.”

Your excuses for them are attempts to “make them” into the person you wish they could be for you. That scenario is never true. People are who they are. Change may be inspired by you, but decided and executed only by them.

Their actions are not an invitation for you to reciprocate. Never allow the ill actions of someone else to direct your spirit.

Even in kindness, be kind because you are heart & spirit driven; not because of what you’re given.

Retrain your mind to follow this process and you can always trust your heart’s decisions.

Be Still. Patience is a virtue and of great value. Time is our most precious commodity. No amount of love or prayer can buy back time.

Wait for it. The best you comes through with time. You’re at your best when you come back to the current moment. Absent of pride, hurt feelings and ugly truths.

It’s easy to be fooled into righteousness and foolishly react to anger. It takes a virtuous person with something to lose to sensibly avoid danger.

A fool in the heat of the moment is no match for your values and a cool head.


I have worked on my temper for over 30 years. Tweaking my intimate relationship with myself was most important to me. Becoming slow to anger and distructive critizism of self has been my most rewarding accomplishment. I have been able to extend that same level of acceptance to others.

I come from a long line of matriarchal passionate, feisty, and spiritual women. Learning from my family’s strengths and character values, swift anger and heavy-handed management has never served us.

I given myself this permission: I am both passionate and powerful, without anxiety or anger.

I’ve learn to consult and trust my intuition. I’ve tamed the lioness in my belly to respond as a natural protector with gentleness.

I’ve practiced waiting until I am advised by my strength in character before I assert my raw and god-given power to a turbulent situation.

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  1. Barbara M. Gore says:

    I absolutely love this, Stone! I am sharing it on my wall (FB). LOVE to you..dear Love <3, TRUELY your inner wealth and experience give us something to aspire to in our own lives and walks. <3 SHINE brightly..!

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