Late Night Thinking

Late night thinking…….

Why is it  so?

As a God-loving and God-fearing woman, I am also a critical thinker who questions.

When we depend on our gods, any god, for our salvation, that belief alone prevents us from doing what we need to do for ourselves. Yes. Maybe?

I’m attached to my God and I depend on Him for my contentment with thanksgiving. Giving HIM the glory for all good things. Still I know if I don’t get off my keister, nothing gets done.

When there are things I can have an impact on, I’ll  get up. Those things I cannot affect, I must pass. I’ll find a place for them. I hold on to my comfort and I’m not lost in uncertainty. Get off my ass first, Gods hands last, yes?

My point is to cite the dangers of complete and generational control by infused religion without question. A belief system so hard we stop thinking for ourselves causes the lion share of our problems.

Thinking is still not enough. Faith without works is dead.

I can pray until I’m blue in the face, but as long as I’m a yellow-bellied jelly back, consumed with fear, nothing will get done.

Whether its spiritual, social, political or even psychological, we must move.

If people can depend on ‘something’ almighty outside of themselves to solve or save them from a problem, then they will never take the initiative to solve the problem through their own might.

I’m simply saying, with advanced technology, cognition in faculty, and a choice in life or fatality ‘WE’ are almighty.

Let’s have our vision and bring it to fruition.

I invite you to think, ask and listen for your own answers. Share them with me if you like. Late night thinking is good.

(cognition in faculty: use of good old common senses)


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  1. My article, did you guys get it?
    It was late and I was thinking and writing as usual. I hope I expressed myself well. My fear was that I may not have gotten my point across. I can never be sure what you’re thinking Lovely because you are less vocal on the site.

    BTW, I’m going to need more of you to sign up on the site. Be sure I have your contact info so I can send you dates, locations or just reach out to you personally.

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