“Learn to Master the interest in YOU”

I’ve had several folks come up to me and ask,

“Stone how do you do it?” 

“Do what?”

“How do you get people to be genuinely interested in YOU?”

Well, I’ve done my best to write “IT” in stone.
“Stone Path To Mastering The Interest In YOU™”

I’m prepared to take a 2 day, step by step walk with you that will generate a “genuine interest in YOU.” 

This “Mastery of Communications” telecourse is only offered ONCE this year. 

“Stone Path To Mastering The Interest In YOU™”

This course is scheduled by the needs of your business. Please fill out a request at the bottom for available times and dates

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After this one time teleclass, I will be off traveling internationally to teach it live. 

Enhance your personal life. Enrich your business. Learn the benefits of being YOU.

You don’t want to miss this personable life changing course.

“Stone Path To Mastering The Interest In YOU”

After taking this communication course, and learning to master the interest in YOU, you will feel the immediate change in your personal and business  interactions.

“Stone Path To Mastering The Interest In YOU™”
This is the response you’ll learn to expect!

Marsh Engle YOU are the brand … that’s the difference! Your brand presence walks into the room before you and touch lives! Be it, Stone! You know and speak it so well!

Cheryl Archer Very profound!

Jerrell Watkins Speak the truth now!

Wendy Ladd aww, thanks Stone. love all you do and who you are, blessings 🙂

Sharon Ruth Wonderful ! thank you Stone!

Judy Woods Lugo excellent, thanks for sharing Stone ♥

Valerie Feimster Montgomery Thank you for those prayerful words this morning!

Debbie Tatum Well stated truth

Elisa Donahue Thanks for sharing the truth Love!

Donna West Davis Morning Beautiful. Wonderful words to start our day with. Love you!

Kim Brubaker Have a beautiful day Stone!!!!!!

Barbara M. Gore GLORIOUS day to you, Stone!! YES indeed! GOOD word on today! Love you, sis! ♥

Lynn Jacobs Stone….Words can not express how proud of you I am. I love you!

Tracy Morgan Crazy bout cha Sis ♥

Pamela Huff Good Morning Lovely~

Linda Marie Livingston Cockrell I’m ready for what ever you have to say sis.

Ava-Marie Jones Thank you, my friend. I appreciate you so very much~I just don’t tell you enough.

Cecelia Broussard I will stop by..I love your site Stone

Marwan Khaddaj Blessings!

Anionted Zion Good thought! I like it

Linda Marie Livingston Cockrell See thats what I’m talking about sis how your words are so powerful…keep it coming. Luv You.

Wendy Ladd omg, so fabulous!!!!!

Akiko Hori Ditto,Stone!Speak it out louder,my lady!

Lisa Bach bravo ♥

DrCarlton Davis POWERFUL!!!!! Blessings Stone♥

Brendalonn Pride Best words on FB yet!!

Rena Jones Nice one Stone! Thanks for the share

Deneene A. Collins True and deep…I’m swimming in this.

Yvonne Vernon Wow, very interesting Stone Love. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Debbie Harris Perfectly stated my dear ♥

Mimi Buchness Stone, I wouldn’t know you if not for FB!

Evelyn M. Williams May I repost this, Stone? I have some FBFs who need to read this!

“Stone Path To Mastering The Interest In YOU™”
This course is scheduled by the needs of your business. Please fill out a request at the bottom for available times and dates

Sign Up Here for the Teleclass

Jettye C. Matlock LOve it!!

De Harris Say it!!

Dannah Wilson I’m so reposting this!

Saundrea M. Grant You go girl!

Marwan Khaddaj In my eyes, and many others… you are one of the most remarkable People on Facebook. ! Luv… & God bless…dear Stone Love!♥

Jennifer Barber-Kavouniaris Stone, I love you I’m a follower, but turkey necks, lol I’m scared hahaha

Patrick S. Lumpkin God bless you. 🙂

Gerth Molander ♥ You Stone

Jon Dallas Awesome, Stone! 😉

Keith McMurray Big ups to God and you Ms. Love, continue to be blessed

Lisa Eurich Beautiful, Stone. And wow have I learned that lesson recently!

Lisa Jenkins You made a wise decision young grasshopper.

Susan Blackburn Sounds like the perfect, balanced decision Stone ♥

Kathy A. Sims GREAT food for thought…thank you for sharing!!!

Barbara M. Gore Ya know..I just LOVE that one! You GO Ms. Stone! WISDOM! Amen! ♥

Randi Bryant-Agenbroad I always thank God for giving me the truth providing me with the lesson.

Ernest Mixon You are a very gracious and beautiful woman… whose wisdom shines and lights the world. Keep being you Stone Love and God bless you stay safe and well my Sage sister!

Cecelia Broussard Glory My Stone.. This is a Beautiful & Amazing reflection of your genuine *Spirit*

Fred Brown your thoughts make all who know u want to say ,my words mean something to someone . I hope we hear the song in the wind as they blow by others ears . smiles

Sandy Hyndman I love this post Stone.. you are so wise… thank you

Yvonne Sillitoe Awesome Stone!

Tracy Morgan ‎@ Stone..Your too adorable

Noire Black I second that!!!

Joyce Pitters Absolutely awesome!

Gail Coughenour-Edgell Glad you are doing so well. The site looks great.

Should I continue?

I embrace this blessing, but I don’t take it for granted.

This happens to me year after year, career after career, and from person to person.

“Stone Path To Mastering The Interest In YOU™”
My “Mastery of Communications” has serviced thousands of my clients. Enriched my loved one’s and been my guiding light.

My experience has been exceptional.

A blessing to my spiritual growth, but it is not exclusive to me. I will share this universal magic with you.

I am committed to teaching you this skill. We will have immediate success. 

You will be a people magnet for your social interest. 

I will teach you how to get the response that serves, and receive the business YOU deserve.

“Stone Path To Mastering The Interest In YOU™”

It’s genuinely all about YOU!

This course is scheduled by the needs of your business. Please fill out a request at the bottom for available times and dates

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  1. Based on the level of interest, an additional class has been added.

    Sign-up’s for class begins immediately.

  2. This looks fantastic, STONE! How do people sign-up to attend? I know my FB community would love to know more!

  3. Please be on time tomorrow, we being promptly at 1:00 PDT~

    I can’t wait to learn with you.

    Every time I teach a class I learn something new for you~

  4. Kanisha Orange says:

    Stone I appreciate the insight and genuine guidance you’ve so unselfishly graced me with. I intend to implement your wise words and commanding them to my own destiny/path. I am walking away with a different perspective and outlook on life and obstacles that challenge my true potential in this world. Thank You for being a companion of understanding and allowing me to pick your brain =)

  5. Thank you love, it was my please to work with you. Giving at this level is both scary and rewarding. I give myself permission to be generous and courageous.

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