“Most beautiful Testimonial”

Angela ‘Anmiri’ Riley

A beautiful friend/sister named Stone Love has gifted me with divine encouragement and edification.

I really can’t express to you all the excitement and hope I feel just by being exposed to her spirit. She is truly connected to God and somehow I know she will always be in my life.

I respect her for who she is and how she is.

The holy spirit is her ATMOSPHERE and her guidance that is very evident in her communication and life.

I’m not one to reach out and discuss details of my turmoil or tribulations, but I am trying to get better with that; because I need to be able to do that.

Discerningly, of course. But when you have someone so connected spiritually that they KNOW what you need without even knowing what you need, oohwee…Glory to God!

The last thing she gave me were these words:

“Get ready for a beautiful and powerful life”

Our conversation is still bringing me to tears.

A release.

It’s quite amazing. I thank God for her.

There was so much more she deposited in me and lifted out of me throughout all the words she gave me, but I wanted you to see the statement she left me with. In full context, it would stir you up the same way it stirred me up! LOL! Glory!

And for those who are stirred-up by it, even in it’s solitude…Yes!!

Those words must resonate for you somehow, as well.

*In closing, I want to thank you, Stone.

Thank you for the choice to live as you were meant to live.

Thank you for answering God’s call.

Thank you for your relationship with God.

Thank you for the discipline, humility and growth it took throughout your walk that has gotten your relationship where it is today.”

Thank You God for your beloved Stone!

Humbly and Sincerely,
Your Mentee and Sister, 

Angela ‘Anmiri’ Riley


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