“Little Max”

It was 1984, I had never written from my heart before.  We were young and having our babies back then. My girlfriend lost her son within a few days of his life. I couldn’t find a hallmark card to say what I wanted to say, so I wrote these words for her.

How would you like to be beautifully created~

See your Mommy and Daddy, your loving Grandma

Feel their love in your heart~

Then skip the tears and heartaches life inevitably brings us.

Skip it all,

And go straight to Heaven.


Well, that’s what Little Max did.

Your son was chosen at birth.

Our Lord took one look at him and decided,

“That boy’s gonna be with me!”

That’s got to be the greatest honor one can receive.

The Lord knows what you and your husband are feeling.

HE knew even before HE planted that seed.

That’s why HE will carry you through.

HE loves you. He’s keeping your son for you.


Yes Love, HE will dry your tears.

You will be rewarded much in return for the ransom you’ve paid.

As for your family and friends, we will just wait for you to do it again.

We will never ever forget your beautiful son. 

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