No one has ever written a Poem for Me

by Deneene A. Collins on Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 12:43pm
Dedicated to my new facebook friend Stone Love. 🙂

Her name is Stone Love
Not because her heart is hard
But because her passion is solid
Like the affection that comes from above
Not imprisoned or barred
Just as lovely as cash in a poor man’s wallet
And her adulation is beautiful

She loves you like a rock
Yet you can cry on her soft shoulder
In the moments your emotions hang off a cliff
The inventory in her heart is that of ardor’s stock
While she stands immovable in love like a boulder
With love that neither flees nor drifts
Due to the zealous gifts she has that are fruitful

Her name is Stone Love
Not because she is unbreakable
But because she grants a sturdy wish
To be hugged by the grace of the wings of a dove
In a devoted embrace that is unshakable
As we dine from what in life is cherished
Stone Love is a love that is immovable…

by Deneene A. Collins
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2011

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  1. I’m honored that Deneene, a lovely poetess took the time to write a poem for me. It was our spirits that connected and spoke to one another. I will forever be blessed by her words.
    Thank you Sis Barbara Gore for the spiritual introduction~

  2. Barbara M. Gore says: both. Harmonious vibs revolving. Love…

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