Political Correctness Is The Barometer In Your Back

Did you get a red star for political correctness?

Remember in high school when we hung out with who we wanted to hang out with; said what we wanted to say with no worries of political correctness or tolerance? 

You know, like kids do. 


College resembled the real world. That’s where we learned how to be politically correct. When we stood for something, we learned how to hold an effective protests. I had to practice curbing my thoughts, taming my tongue and being conscious of facial expressions. The learning curve was sharp. 


During assimilation, I developed a habit of not speaking my truth. It may have started earlier, but that’s a different story. 

The point is the deliberate suppression of my voice came with severe anxiety. It could last for weeks unprocessed within me or be taken out on someone else. 


I didn’t know how to handle the biological effects of silencing my true expression. I even thought it was a silly question to ask about. Barring the class clown, I thought everybody else has it down. I went through it alone.


One day my political science instructor said something to the class that sent a sharp painful shrike up my back. I was highly offended by his statement. I had something to say but the politically edited version wasn’t coming to mind fast enough. 


I opened my mouth and let I him have it straight from my gut. 

I felt the release and an undeniable validation of my presence in that space. 

Once I stopped talking, and listened and the class was applauding. Later a class mate told me she had never heard someone so eloquently get put in their place. I said thank you. Silently agreeing wailing curse words is not my class room style.  


This commentary is not about the instructor or what was said, rather thanksgiving for the courage to honor the barometer preset in my heart, my backbone and my head. 


Allowing it to be set in stone, I claimed the route to my strength & calm.

I know my virtues and mission work in concert. Sometimes the my truth hurts. 

I recognized the cue; if I feel a shrike run up my back, its time to let it go with speed. 

Political correctness had been trumped by personal effectiveness. I celebrated being thoughtful just and fair. The contrary was never my challenge. I now trust my strength, my intellect and my balance. 

I allow it unedited and without apology. I’m sure someone else has had this experience other than me. Was it you?

I was pleased to be received as eloquent. Nice, but that wasn’t important. Do you put this much thought into how you’re being received?  

I think the most important thing is your committed values to self. I respond from this regardless of the actions of someone else’s.

I understood for the first time my convictions and compassion where already integrated. Professionally and personally, that is the truest form of assimilation. 

When was the first time you felt congruent in your spirit?

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. You will never go wrong that way. Respond from your intuitive tract. It can be thought of as the bone in you back.

My intent is to share my presence and all facets of my personality without apology. This way, I can experience and enjoy the difference in other’s. 

Never be afraid of any misconceptions. It’s no secret who is a liar, or who is evil. Just look and listen. Their horns will screech and their slobber will glisten. All things have a way of identifying themselves without your permission. 


Share you story of self realization. Lots of people read my blog and resonate on some level. Add you voice. I would love to hear from you.

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Your spiritual presence identifies you spiritual wealth. Responding from that place is so much healthier than reacting from a physical place.

-Stone Love

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