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Stoneologys Group Coaching program “Deal With It” 5 week group coaching program $697.00

Discover how you show up spiritually

Evaluate your spiritual Gifts & Potential

Apply your spiritual Gifts into your daily life.

Live it!


“Stoneologys Spiritual Gift Work Out” 4 week, 1 on 1 program, I pay only 1097.00 

Yes Stone, I want to make a strength based decision today!

I’m interested in 1on1 spiritual wealth coaching.

Show me how to reveal my Spiritual Gifts and use them to powerfully and lovingly heal my life. I know my results are priceless.

“I have had the wonderful occasion to work one-on-one with ‘Stone’ of Stoneologys Wisdom. “What a wonderful woman and coach.”

She has such a great way of looking at things, Pointing out strengths and Promoting the best in you. Comfortable yet nonjudgmental, her gentle but redirecting ability and uplifting comments are priceless.” 
“Thank you Stone for all that you are.!!”

Fran Mutomba Tuscan, Arizona  Owner of Franzwa Pearls, 


“Your Spirit Mind” Stoneologys Premier Laser Coaching Program” $2997.00 (reg 3300 .00) 

Sign me up for a full transformational experience. During the 90 days, and 12 sessions, I plan to absorb the teachings, practice the lessons and commit to seeing the results in my life.

“YourSpiritMind” Stoneologys Premier Laser Coaching Program focuses on getting what you say you want through mastering my spiritual wealth.

“My clients shown results in business success and control of Habits, emotional eating, emotional dating, and emotional spending. Most importantly, empowered conversation with self. Which translates into ease and confident communication with everyone else. All because they have tapped into their spiritual wealth.”

Stone Love


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