R.A.P’ing Your Spiritual Gifts

Are you afraid to be POWERFUL for FEAR of appearing ARROGANT or having too much PRIDE?


Recognize those things you’ve hoped for.


Appreciate your gifts once seen.


Participate, boldly step forward to meet your blessings.

I’ve created “RAP’ing you spiritual gifts.”

With Stoneologys, we learn to RECOGNIZE, APPRECIATE & PARTICIPATE.
We are partners with God in manifesting our blessings. We are the temple of the spirit. Once unveiled, and seen through our experiences, its our choice to appreciate and embody our spiritual gifts.
I teach worriers how to become warriors in the spirit.
You learn how to display your gifts through works and recognition.
We honor the GOD in us by participating in what resonates within.
My hopes were to create something through my writing.
I’ve began to recognize, appreciate and participate in that blessing.

Through relationships, live inspirational speaking and spiritual coaching, I am called to serve.
I teach you how to recognize, appreciate and participate in your spiritual gifts.
I have grown my faith in leadership after witnessing the results in people.
Through my written expression of love and thanksgiving I have touched lives.

“I so honor the God in me..AND in you, dear Stone! I so see the GLORY of our King in YOU! WHAT a beautiful spirit you HAVE (!)..a work of ART, molded within the the Beauty and Balance of HIM..Who alone is GOD! I love you! Your sister and FRIEND”

Minister Barbara Williams-Gore


“‎Stone Love is a women who has risen from the fears of her past and has transformed them through her own self exploration. It is through the discovery of her authentic self and the self Love of herself to herself that has given her the ability to touch souls at the very core of their heart weather they are in her physical presents of not.” “There is something powerful and transformative when you stand before Stone Love she is a true journeyman and because of this she is able to assist you in uncovering your own inner Love”

 Reverend Danni Daniela, Beverly Hills California


“Stone, your wonderful “Stoneologys” reminds me of a wonderful scripture at Isaiah 7:9, “If you will not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all”

Vincent Wright, Hartford Connecticut VincentWright.com/



Angela Kashflan, Los Angeles California


“You have a powerful voice! … and your knowledge, education, and first hand experience allows you to be a helping healing force in peoples lives… I respect you greatly Stone Love – keep your much needed work going … the world needs you greatly! God bless you Stone Love!”

Ernest Mixon, Los Angeles California


“You are as real as they come , so I trust thou God in you”

Anita Veenstra, Amsterdam, Netherlands


“Stone, thank you for your story and for just being you! Everytime I hear words from you…it comes from such a beautiful place. You are an inspiration to many of us! Thanks again, and God bless you on your journey!”

Zsa Zsa Dore’ Hayward California


“Hi my Sister Stone Love!!! I so love your Stoneologys page!!! It’s so uplifting and incredibly honest… What a true inspiration you are my bright spiritual star!!!! I love you and wish the very best for you. Until whence you open your heart and release the tears and fears, you won’t be able to truly steer…In the direction God intended for you…Your destiny awaits you…JV”

Joelle Valente, New York, New York www.joellevalente.com


“Sending Blessings dear Stone Love! You radiate joy!” 

Dr. Sharron Stroud, Palm Springs, Califronia www.innerfaithworldwide.com



I set out only to write. I couldn’t have known what would be there to warmly receive me.
I invite you to join a Stoneologys Spiritual Coaching cou

I will share exactly how to live triumphantly and show up powerfully by “RAP’ing Your Spiritual Gifts.”

My life has completely changed since I’ve recognized my spiritual power. Let’s grow farther. I’m eager to see what happens in your life once you learn to RAP with Stoneologys.

Stoneologys is the spiritual study of you~


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    You are indeed love Ms.Stone ~

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