Short truth

“The Truth Will Set You Free?”

I have grown to know telling the truth, speaking up for myself, opens many paths to receiving the healing and feeling the blessing.

Fear of truth telling hinders your growth.
Speak and seek your truth.

If you don’t you are moving in place, growing long in the tooth and old in the face.

I advised a client on how important it is to be truthful. Believe in our stated convictions. When we say something to someone else, we must believe it ourselves.
It’s easy to slip and tell the truth, but very hard to stay guarded in a lie.
Our lies to self quickly become obvious to everyone else.

The slightest inconsistency of the heart, reluctantly becomes clear in the movement of our bodies.
Caught off guard in our insincerity, we will do something to show it, or say something and not know it.
Have you experienced that?

Simple voice intonations are different when we agree to a lie. Our moans are richer when we are acquiescing in truth.
Listen carefully for your own confirmation.

I’ve learned not to offer fake pleasantries with people. I never change my behavior because I want something from them. If they have something for me, they will give it to me freely.
I would rather not placate nor provoke. I will always respond to you from where I am.

My heart is good, therefore I am of good rapport.

The only people who will treat you poorly are those who are already poor in spirit.
Recognizing that fact, will keep your own spirit in tact.

You see how speaking up for yourself is freeing to you?  

That is what is meant by the truth will set you free.

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  1. Once I spoke up for myself, my power started to surge. New money making ideas began to emerge.
    I spoke confidently to people I didn’t know. Places I’d never been, I wanted to go.
    Once I spoke up for myself, I felt a wee but taller. Other people’s judgements were their own hang-ups, like an obscene caller.
    Speak up for yourself. No real dreams can come true until you speak up for you.

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