Speaking Bio for Stone Faure:Please list Stone as: Stone Faure, Spiritual Mentor & Healer  Contact Stone Faure today to book her as a featured speaker for your next event. 510-565-4425 or StoneFaure@Stoneologys.comSpeaking Fee: $1500 for up to 2 hours
(Occasionally we waive the speaker fee for non-profits and youth  groups, please inquire.)Stone’s Inspired Speaking Philosophy:My expertise is in communication. I have experienced tremendous success just by sharing my perspective on wisdom, loving logic and emotional intelligence. The success is not only measured in the monetary sense, but most importantly in my interpersonal and business relationships. I am an expert in communicating, “felling” to people. When there is feeling, there is action. I don’t mind sharing a whimsical story of my own humanness or an embarrassingly dismal story that brought me to my knees in prayer. If my experience will help lift you up and out of your restrictions, I’m in.  Chances are you or someone in your family has experienced the same thing or worst. I’m just willing to share my healing from it.The content of my speaking engagements on relationships have motivated morals, and generated new revenue. I’ve accomplished this by offering a new and skilled perspective. I’ve learned to laugh at myself, and put a smile on my face in the place of pain. I can show you how to redress old wounds, allow them to breathe and heal. I am the result of this work. “I get the most love just by being me.” I have built lasting relationships just by being a happier me. Here’s the simple part: We know that nothing gets done without a relationship of giving in place. We must be able to give joy in order to receive joy. I’m willing to speak the unadulterated truth about me.

Why? Because I have triumphantly lived through it, captured the lessons from it and feel blessed to tell it. I’m holding myself accountable to this mission: to lead by example, reveal through story telling and heal without apology.

Stone, what do I mean by “heal without apology”? I’ve taken responsibility for what has happened to me without feeling sorry, or continuing to victimize myself. I’ve decided to create, give and live a happy ending.

Short Bio:

Stone Faure, affectionately called “Stone Love”, has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area all her life. She is evolving into the woman the little girl in her has always wanted to be. Through her writing she has discovered her spiritual gifts. Stone created and originated a program for Stoneologys to share exactly how to recognize, appreciate and participate in your spiritual gifts.  “RAP’ing Your Spiritual Gifts™” Stone has inspired many and continues to serve by sharing her experiential wisdom. Through her writing and truth speaking, she has connected to her life’s calling. Spiritual healing. Go see the YouTube video and hear the transformational story of how Stone met God for herself.  http://www.youtube.com/stoneologys  Stone has witnessed the transformational power of her writing and professional speaking in her listeners. Through her expression in pen, having her life’s most transformational and powerful story published, and speaking from the stage, she has reached thousands of hearts in silence and offered a voice of solace by sharing her spiritual wealth.  Stone Defines Wisdom: “The current decision to accept and apply lessons learned on our journey, presently.Her current professional accomplishments include Published Author, International Speaker, and Certified Group Coach, and Spiritual Healer.

Long Bio:

Stone Faure, affectionately called “Stone Love”, has lives in the San Francisco Bay Area all her life. She is evolving into the woman the little girl in her has always wanted to be. Through her writing and speaking her experiential wisdom, she has discovered the path to her “Strength and Calm” Sharing her heart of experiences has connected her to her lifeʼs cause. Stone has witnessed the transformational power of her writing as a trajectory into her spiritual wealth. Through her expression in pen, she has reached thousands of hearts that cry in silence, and offered a voice of solace. Stone is married and they have raised 5 grown daughters, a grown son, 2 son-in-laws and eleven grand children.  Her birth of experience has appreciated into a compassion that allows an esteemed awareness and acceptance of people as individuals.

Her current professional accomplishments include Published Author, International Speaker, and Certified Group Coach and Teacher. Due to Stone’s outstanding personable people skills, her professional sales and service goals, she was promoted to management after only 8 months of service in the residential division of AT&T. An unprecedented move because AT&T requires “Time & Title.” (Service of at least 14 months in the same position before any movement within the company.) Stone was recognized and promoted to management by Jody Garcia, Regional Vice President. Stone also earned and enjoys the proud designation of “Presidents Club Member,” awarded and presented to her personally by Ed Whitacre, former chairman of AT&T.

Stone has also been honored with the distinction of the “Leaders of Success Award.” Ultimately being named one of the top three sales professionals in the state of California by Pacific Bell Residential Northern Service Center. With all her corporate accolades, Stone has embraced her love for writing and personal service through speaking. Stone has been religiously writing in her personal journals for over 20 years. Compiling several poems and short stories.

Her first public piece was in response to the death of a dear friends son shortly after his birth. Readers found the poem so touching; they began to ask Stone to write personalized poetry for them as well. To this day, Stone continues to write personalized poetry for her clients and close friends. Her readers have also encouraged her to pursue a professional career in writing. Taking that advice, she sought out a writing coach and began to master her craft. Stone believes her strength in writing come from sharing her truths with honesty and vulnerability. These are the core values that lead to best selling author. Stoneʼs experiential wisdom, professionalism and transferable skills have helped her to become a moving speaker and motivating certified group coach, teacher and healer. Stoneologys business values and mission are in alignment with the same integrity, honesty and vulnerability she displays in her writing. She surmises that a contemplative reflection breeds wisdom, feeds the spirit and hones the lessons of life.

Stone Defines Wisdom: “As the acceptance and present application of those lessons learned on our journey.”

Speaking Topics:

“YOU Are In Charge Of Your Own Happiness…

What Are YOU Doing About It?”

Something magical happens when you take responsibility for your own happiness. Unfortunately, most women tend to put themselves last on the list. You make sure everyone else in your life and business are happy but rarely spend time contemplating what you really want or deserve. Learning how to make shifts in your spiritual priorities and personal needs so that you can actually live a healthy, happy, spiritually-contented life is easier than you think.

Happiness is the result of YOU directing your spirit to contentment regardless of events surrounding you.

In this talk, you will walk away with:

  • The 4 key tools you need to unlock your happiness
  • The wisdom of remembering those things that once made you happy
  • The “Stoneologys Blueprint to spiritual contentment Happiness”

Stoneologys technique will show you how to recognize what your spiritual gifts are. You can then learn to appreciate them and participate in them regularly. You learn how to wield them powerfully and lovingly change your life.

Read what others have to say about experiencing Stone live:

Stone Love is a heart-guided speaker who brings inspiration to the room through her depth of insight, intelligence and genuine compassion. It has been my distinctive honor to welcome Stone to our Amazing Woman’s Day stages in cities around the U.S. and Canada. I highly recommend Stone to those looking for a speaker who can easily relate to an audience through dynamic stories that transform and empower others with the life wisdom to say YES to the best that life presents.” ~Marsh Engle, Author & CEO of Marsh Engle Media, Founder of Amazing Woman’s Day, Los Angeles, CA www.marshengle.comYou got it, Stone.  I heard and felt the Truth speaking through you and it moved me to my soul.  Thank you again for sharing your story. It helped heal my own.” ~Peace, Michael Fitzpatrick, San Diego, CA www.michaelfitzpatrick.comStone, you are by far one of the most amazing and powerful speakers for those people who want to dive into themselves more, be empowered and inspired to be the most brilliant person they could be.” ~ Katrina Sawa, The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Sacramento, CA www.JumpStartYourMarketing.com

Stone, I appreciate this opportunity to express my gratitude for you sharing your POWERFUL story! I felt captivated as you spoke from the heart with conviction. As you spoke, I sensed many levels of emotions, as I thought quietly…..What a courageous and powerful woman you are Stone. I feel your sharing will give other abuse victims and parents of abused children permission to share their story, while coming from a place of POWER, so the process of healing may began on a deeper level!” ~Leotha Douglas, Author of “How Life Happens For Me, Not To Me…..When I STOP Playing SMALL”, San Diego, CA www.TheRecalibrationProcess.com

Stone! You are simply one powerful courageous Amazing Woman – and speaker. I sat riveted listening to her masterfully woven and detailed story, spoken with rawness, depth and aching triumphant truth. Thank you Stone! ~ Jamie Leno Zimron, LPGA Pro / The Golf Sensei, Director, Mideast Aikido Project, San Diego, CA www.kiaigolf.com  www.aikidomideastpeace.info

Stone, It was lovely connecting with your heart and soul.  I wished we would of had more time to have spoken and shared our energies together. Your speech had a very powerful message, filled with compassion, heart ache and sorrow.  You will touch many hearts as you have stepped into your power, speaking your truth with no judgement.  My hat goes off to you and keep allowing your inner child to speak.  We learn and gain much insight by hearing others stories.” ~Dr. Lisa Bufton, D.D. ,www.purespirithealing.com

I so honor the God in me..AND in you, dear Stone! I so see the GLORY of our King in YOU! WHAT a beautiful spirit you HAVE (!)..a work of ART, molded within the Beauty and Balance of HIM..Who alone is GOD! I love you! Your sister and FRIEND” ~Minister Barbara Williams-Gore, Washington DC

‎Stone Love is a woman who has risen from the fears of her past and has transformed them through her own self exploration. It is through the discovery of her authentic self and the self Love of herself to herself that has given her the ability to touch souls at the very core of their heart whether they are in her physical presence of not. There is something powerful and transformative when you stand before Stone Love she is a true journeyman and because of this she is able to assist you in uncovering your own inner Love” ~ Reverend Danni Daniela, Beverly Hills, CA http://reverenddanni.com

Stone, your wonderful “Stoneologys” reminds me of a wonderful scripture at Isaiah 7:9, “If you will not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all” ~Vincent Wright, Hartford, Connecticut www.VincentWright.com

You have a powerful voice! … and your knowledge, education, and first hand experience allows you to be a helping healing force in people’s lives… I respect you greatly Stone Love – keep your much needed work going … the world needs you greatly! God bless you Stone Love!” ~ Ernest Mixon, Los Angeles CAStone, thank you for your story and for just being you! Every time I hear words from you…it comes from such a beautiful place. You are an inspiration to many of us! Thanks again, and God bless you on your journey!” ~Zsa Zsa Dore’ Hayward, CA

Most of Stone’s speaking experience came from traveling on the book promotion tour. Her most transformational story was published in a book called, “Amazing Woman, What’s Your Story?”

Go to  http://www.youtube.com/stoneologys to the video of Stone’s story.

“I share with you how I found my God within me. Cloaked in life a changing set of circumstances, I tell why I will never depart from that intimate connection with God and source of wisdom.”

Stone has also been invited to speak to youth groups, and women’s shelters . The lastest event in Brooklyn NY and Washington D.C.


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