Stone aka “That Lady Who Talks About Child Molestation”

Stone, how do you feel about possibly being known as, “The Lady Who Talks About Child Molestation?”

Answer: I’m just the vessel with a powerful message. A painful & shameful message; that has been weakened, silenced, and hidden on a dark shelf.
I’ve gained a sense of pride and value because I’ve spoken up for myself.

Did you know silence keeps our little one’s in harms way. Do you have something you would like to say?

I know this is my calling, because when I was silent it felt like I was free falling.
When I boldly told it, others were encouraged to speak then heal without stalling.

I’ve grown tough skinned to people who cringe, hide and rather live a lie.
I’m no longer willing to watch my integrity thin and almost die.

I protected my mom from the horror of knowing her baby daughter had been molested.
I now know, my mom would have been proud of me. Her soul is rested.

I appreciate the opportunity to answer your question. Now go “Tell it and heal.”

Stone, aka “The Healing Motivation.”
Speak & Heal

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  1. Of course I would rather travel the world do speeches and delight in the glamour of Hollywood, Bollywood or introduce more of Nollywood.
    My calling goes deeper than that. The superficial will be much brightee by addressing and healing the lack.

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