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I love connecting from voice to ear.

Listening is one of our riches forms of communication.

I love speaking to you live. Developing a DVD series for you is the next best thing. I have recording some powerful dialogue for your listening and learning time. You will have the opportunity to sit in on some of Stoneologysʼ Group Coaching Calls in the comfort of your choice.
I have recorded some parables for your contemplation from my wisdom reflection.

These DVDʼs are my favorite because they are spontaneous accounts of real life experiences and the lessons they yield.


DVD $24.97  

A live, true and powerful account of how being molested as a 5 year child; and how it affected her as a women. Spoken live from the stage of Amazing Woman’s Day in Los Angeles California.

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Stone Love is offering an interactive The 7 Facets of Wisdom™ teleclass

In Amazing Woman, What’s Your Story? I share my personal story of being molested as a child and how it affected me as an adult. I’ve grown to a place

of power and spiritual strength. I would like to share that process with you.

I’m sure you will resonate with many of the complexities in my story.  I would like to give you the opportunity to benefit from my growth by sharing with you the “7 Facets of Wisdom™ ” I developed on my journey. How I have grown into a healthy, loving, productive and self assured woman.

If you can answer yes to 2 of the 5 questions, then you would benefit from my complimentary Tele-Class.

1) Do you know how to speak freely and honestly about being molested as a child without feeling victimized?

2) Would you like to stop your childhood incident from determining the outcome of your adult events?

3) Would you like to be released from the shame of being violated as a child?

4) Did you know that you may be responding from the place of a molested child as a safe adult today?

5) Would you like to uncover some of the patterns you have unconsciously held onto and change them?

In this teleclass series you’ll have an opportunity to be candid where there is usually silence. We’ll get together for 1 hour on 3 consecutive days. Date to be announced.

A private recording of our class will be provided at the end of the course.


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