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I recently received the results through of my DNA testing. I am pleased to share 100% mtDNA with today’s Mende Peoples of Sierra Leone, Africa.
Besides the rich stock of my immediate family, I also share a kinship and DNA with the beautiful Maya Angelou, Civil Rights Leaders Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Marcus Garvey, Former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young and the handsome Actor, Humanitarian Isaiah Washington.

“WEll, of course you are related to Maya Angelou. I’m not even slightly surprised. Everything about you reminds me of her. You both have the special combination of being strong, yet gentle. You remind me of wind. Stong–yet it usually just gently brushes against you. Wind affects everything, moves everything, but gently.”

Randi Bryant-Agenbroad May 31, 2011

I’m so proud to know my roots before the Transatlantic Voyage. My stolen legacy has finally been returned to me. When I received the results, I cried uncontrollably. At the time I didn’t understand where all the tears came from.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to absorb and process the information.
Through my private contemplation I was granted many answers. What I will share with you is that I feel closer to myself. Richer in my own spirit.
I felt greeted by the strength & calm of my mother’s mother and her mother before her. Their collective charisma and intuitive gifts give me permission to embrace all of mine. I am a more voluptuous me.
I will be even more generous with my time, talents and knowledge now that I am conscious of my full presence.
I know where I began, where I lived with before. Now I can go back to the soil that knows me and crumble it in my palms once again.

My precious mom passed away on the morning of October 17, 2005. I was with her as she exhaled her last breath; as she was with me as I drew my first.
She often joked about how hard her labor pains were at my birth. There are no jokes about my grieving pains in giving her body back to the earth. I’m comforted to know she loved, cherished and cared for me while inside and out of her womb. My soul is blessed knowing her spirit now lives in me and not in a tomb.

In celebration of continued life, I will travel to Sierra Leone and erect a water well. Fresh Living water to quench the thirst of a thriving village. I feel the ancestors will be obliged and pleased to quiet the Atlantic Seas in exchange for living village water flowing free.

I would love to add your gift to mine Lovely.
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Stoneologys, Living Water
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