Strategy Session Questionnaire

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What is your current understanding of gifts to your spirit?

What would you like your spiritual gift to be?

List the current revelations of the gifts to your spirit.

Please explain this phrase, “Honoring the God in you?” We should be respectful of ourselves, and know that God is within everyone of us.

What is your passion in this life? List as many as you like.

What is your biggest challenged in dealing with people regarding your success? List as many as you like.

What would it take, what do you need to ‘BE’ the magnificent YOU? Please list as many obstacles as you can think of.

What do you absolutely LOVE about yourself?

What is the most important accomplishment you would like to make in your future?

What is your biggest accomplishment to date? No specific area, write what’s the most important to you.

By your inquiry, you seem to be open to considering a paradigm shift regarding spiritual wealth. We often have to resist a negative mind set to reveal a desirable result. Would you agree?

Are you a religious or spiritual person? Rather, do you perceive a difference?

Who or what was your childhood hero? Cartoon or real. Smiling, but this is a serious question. That was then, what about now?

What needs to be added to your life for it to be perfect?

Why do you believe I can help? What resonates with you about Stoneologys and our connection? Please tell me your definition of a “A gift to your spirit.”

What’s your biggest fears?

What needs to be moved to allow you to accomplish your dreams and spiritually soar?

What do you love to share about yourself with others? List as many as you can think of.

Please write down any question that come up around any of the content on this website so we can be sure to answer them.

What else would you like me to know about your spiritual walk. I ask so that we may walk closely toward revealing your spiritual gifts.

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