Late Night Thinking

Late night thinking…….

Why is it  so?

As a God-loving and God-fearing woman, I am also a critical thinker who questions.

When we depend on our gods, any god, for our salvation, that belief alone prevents us from doing what we need to do for ourselves. Yes. Maybe?

I’m attached to my God and I depend on Him for my contentment with thanksgiving. Giving HIM the glory for all good things. Still I know if I don’t get off my keister, nothing gets done.

When there are things I can have an impact on, I’ll  get up. Those things I cannot affect, I must pass. I’ll find a place for them. I hold on to my comfort and I’m not lost in uncertainty. Get off my ass first, Gods hands last, yes?

My point is to cite the dangers of complete and generational control by infused religion without question. A belief system so hard we stop thinking for ourselves causes the lion share of our problems.

Thinking is still not enough. Faith without works is dead.

I can pray until I’m blue in the face, but as long as I’m a yellow-bellied jelly back, consumed with fear, nothing will get done.

Whether its spiritual, social, political or even psychological, we must move.

If people can depend on ‘something’ almighty outside of themselves to solve or save them from a problem, then they will never take the initiative to solve the problem through their own might.

I’m simply saying, with advanced technology, cognition in faculty, and a choice in life or fatality ‘WE’ are almighty.

Let’s have our vision and bring it to fruition.

I invite you to think, ask and listen for your own answers. Share them with me if you like. Late night thinking is good.

(cognition in faculty: use of good old common senses)


“Little Max”

It was 1984, I had never written from my heart before.  We were young and having our babies back then. My girlfriend lost her son within a few days of his life. I couldn’t find a hallmark card to say what I wanted to say, so I wrote these words for her.

How would you like to be beautifully created~

See your Mommy and Daddy, your loving Grandma

Feel their love in your heart~

Then skip the tears and heartaches life inevitably brings us.

Skip it all,

And go straight to Heaven.


Well, that’s what Little Max did.

Your son was chosen at birth.

Our Lord took one look at him and decided,

“That boy’s gonna be with me!”

That’s got to be the greatest honor one can receive.

The Lord knows what you and your husband are feeling.

HE knew even before HE planted that seed.

That’s why HE will carry you through.

HE loves you. He’s keeping your son for you.


Yes Love, HE will dry your tears.

You will be rewarded much in return for the ransom you’ve paid.

As for your family and friends, we will just wait for you to do it again.

We will never ever forget your beautiful son. 

“Thanksgiving is my Lifestyle”

How I find contentment: These things I have made into a culture for my spiritual self.


6 Principals to Contentment


1. Preserving My Spiritual Wealth. (Peace of mind for tomorrow. A spiritual legacy for to carry my children.) 



2. Removing Toxic Behaviors Around Finances.  (allows my grandchildren to eat when I’m gone.)



3. Identifying Toxic People. Identify the illusions I’ve built around them. Accept my disillusionment, and let go.



4. Eliminating Small Stressors. Do this before they become illnesses. (this practice immediately improves your health.)



5. Open To Growth. Learn something new. I cultivate those relationships that serve me. (maintaining a coachable spirit)



6. I give with grace. My blessing ‘is’ the ability to give, not a future return on my giving. (otherwise my perceived kindness is a loan and ‘interest’ should be stated up front)


“What ever our disposition is, effects what our perceptions are. We are the rulers of our contentment regardless of our predicament.”


“In all things be thankful. Our experiences are what make us fruitful.”


“My plan these days is to be the sunshine~
Only speaking on what brightens my day.
Focusing on guiding my spirit through the light~
I’m sure my focus will become my reality as it usually does.”


“Remember to never compare yourself to anyone else. The comparison immediately brings down your value.”


LIfe is about seasons, everybody knows. How do you decide who stays and who goes?


“My process of eliminations: Column left, list the best times in my life. Column right list the worst times in my life. If your name shows up on both sides, then you have “lived” this life beside me. Please stay. I will surely remember you on that last day.”


“Emotions are best held close to the vest. Only chevrons should be worn on your sleeve. Never beg for a man for life, liberty or love. These are the things your soul aspires to be. Only the flesh can be compromised.
“Become love, then you’re at liberty to live in others after your body dies.”
It is the mind that worries yet manifests. Live. Train your spirit to fight; then your soul will rest.”


Grant yourself a lifetime of permission to have spiritual wealth, longevity and health.

Just a bit of my mindset on how I developed my spiritual culture.  “Thanksgiving is my lifestyle.”

No one has ever written a Poem for Me

by Deneene A. Collins on Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 12:43pm
Dedicated to my new facebook friend Stone Love. 🙂

Her name is Stone Love
Not because her heart is hard
But because her passion is solid
Like the affection that comes from above
Not imprisoned or barred
Just as lovely as cash in a poor man’s wallet
And her adulation is beautiful

She loves you like a rock
Yet you can cry on her soft shoulder
In the moments your emotions hang off a cliff
The inventory in her heart is that of ardor’s stock
While she stands immovable in love like a boulder
With love that neither flees nor drifts
Due to the zealous gifts she has that are fruitful

Her name is Stone Love
Not because she is unbreakable
But because she grants a sturdy wish
To be hugged by the grace of the wings of a dove
In a devoted embrace that is unshakable
As we dine from what in life is cherished
Stone Love is a love that is immovable…

by Deneene A. Collins
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2011

Queen Stone of Sierra Leone

Stoneologys Gives Back
I recently received the results through of my DNA testing. I am pleased to share 100% mtDNA with today’s Mende Peoples of Sierra Leone, Africa.
Besides the rich stock of my immediate family, I also share a kinship and DNA with the beautiful Maya Angelou, Civil Rights Leaders Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Marcus Garvey, Former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young and the handsome Actor, Humanitarian Isaiah Washington.

“WEll, of course you are related to Maya Angelou. I’m not even slightly surprised. Everything about you reminds me of her. You both have the special combination of being strong, yet gentle. You remind me of wind. Stong–yet it usually just gently brushes against you. Wind affects everything, moves everything, but gently.”

Randi Bryant-Agenbroad May 31, 2011

I’m so proud to know my roots before the Transatlantic Voyage. My stolen legacy has finally been returned to me. When I received the results, I cried uncontrollably. At the time I didn’t understand where all the tears came from.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to absorb and process the information.
Through my private contemplation I was granted many answers. What I will share with you is that I feel closer to myself. Richer in my own spirit.
I felt greeted by the strength & calm of my mother’s mother and her mother before her. Their collective charisma and intuitive gifts give me permission to embrace all of mine. I am a more voluptuous me.
I will be even more generous with my time, talents and knowledge now that I am conscious of my full presence.
I know where I began, where I lived with before. Now I can go back to the soil that knows me and crumble it in my palms once again.

My precious mom passed away on the morning of October 17, 2005. I was with her as she exhaled her last breath; as she was with me as I drew my first.
She often joked about how hard her labor pains were at my birth. There are no jokes about my grieving pains in giving her body back to the earth. I’m comforted to know she loved, cherished and cared for me while inside and out of her womb. My soul is blessed knowing her spirit now lives in me and not in a tomb.

In celebration of continued life, I will travel to Sierra Leone and erect a water well. Fresh Living water to quench the thirst of a thriving village. I feel the ancestors will be obliged and pleased to quiet the Atlantic Seas in exchange for living village water flowing free.

I would love to add your gift to mine Lovely.
Send your donations to

Stoneologys, Living Water
A Sierra Leone Project
P.O. Box 472
Union City, CA 94587

“A Few Words From My Listeners”

Testimonials from audience members where I’ve spoken live
New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Arizona, Toronto, Canada

June 6, 2011
“Stone Love is a heart-guided speaker who brings inspiration to the room through her depth of insight, intelligence and genuine compassion. It has been my distinctive honor to welcome Stone to our Amazing Woman’s Day stages in cities around the U.S. and Canada. I highly recommend Stone to those looking for a speaker who can easily relate to an audience through dynamic stories that transform and empower others with the life wisdom to say YES to the best that life presents.”

~Marsh Engle, Author & CEO of Marsh Engle Media
Founder of Amazing Woman’s Day,

May 26, 2011
You got it, Stone. I heard and felt the Truth speaking through you and it moved me to my soul. Thank you again for sharing your story. It helped heal my own.

Michael Fitzpatrick


April 18, 2011
hi Stone,
It was a pleasure hearing you speak on Saturday here in Toronto. I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to personally meet you (and I wish I did). You are inspiring and an amazing woman!!

Suzanne Van Parys

“I appreciate this opportunity to express my gratitude for you sharing your POWERFUL story! I felt captivated as you spoke from the heart with conviction. As you spoke, I sensed many levels of emotions, as I thought quietly…..”What a courageous and powerful woman you are Stone”.
I feel your sharing will give other abuse victims and parents of abused children permission to share their story, while coming from a place of POWER, so the process of healing may began on a deeper level!”

Leotha Douglas,
author of “How Life Happens For Me, Not To Me…..When I STOP Playing SMALL”
publisher 2010


You are simply one powerful courageous Amazing Woman – and speaker. I sat riveted listening to her masterfully woven and detailed story, spoken with rawness, depth and aching triumphant truth.
Thank you Stone!

Jamie Leno Zimron
LPGA Pro / The Golf Sensei
Director, Mideast Aikido Project


Hi Stone,

It was lovely connecting with your heart and soul.  I wished we would of had more time to have spoken and shared our energies together.

Your speech had a very powerful message, filled with compassion, heart ache and sorrow.  You will touch many hearts as you have stepped into your power, speaking your truth with no judgement.  My hat goes off to you and keep allowing your inner child to speak.  We learn and gain much insight by hearing others stories.

Namaste and please keep in touch.
Dr. Lisa Bufton, D.D.


“What Would Stone Say?”

Hi Stone,
I have to tell you a cute story…A couple of weeks ago I was in Seattle picking up my sisters car to drive back to Arizona. I took a friend with me and on the drive home (1400 miles) we had a lot of time to talk. Every once in a while I would check facebook via my Blackberry. During one of those times you had posted something wonderful, so I shared it with him. Being that he’s not on FB I had to explain how we knew each other and who you were. He loved the story and he thought you were a very bright woman. As time passed I got an upsetting phone. My friend seeing that I was upset and wasn’t sure what to say to me he turned to me and said, “what would Stone say?”. It made me laugh and think about your messages and it brought me comfort during a trying time. It happened again today and my same friend asked me the same question. So, I decided it was time to let you in and tell you that I am listening and your words are helpful to me during this trying time in my life.
God bless you my sweet friend, and remember I’m out here asking myself, “What would Stone say?

Wendy Greenberg Rhoton September 22, 2010

Stoneologys Testimonials

“Stone, my career is all about words. Not just speaking them but, putting meaning behind them. I like it when words make me feel. Thank you for making me feel.” ~ Eddie Clark


“Stone, I heard you on T.J. ‘s show…you were AWESOME!!! So articulate! Your book is as good as done.” ~ Erin Heenan Ley


“You are lovely! Thank you for making my show better!” ~ T. J.  McCormack


“Your deeper expression of yourself is so developed and Meticulously maintained that your passion for life resonates like the Illuminates of Thanateros. Your Rarity is a Gift from the creator….” ~Victor Bright at 11:09 am June 5


“You are an incredible orator and most importantly embrace the essential essence of being a strong yet compassionate woman. Thank you for all of your steadfast and unmovable courage that always abounds by every word that you write. Stay blessed” ~ Gordon Fykes


“Deep Soothing Poetry! Thank you; Stone! Your words opened my eyes!” ~ Bryant Robert


“Stone you are a true GEM! Thanks for your kindness.” ~ Ronda Priestner




“Thanks for sharing that with me Stone. It was really enlightening and bought a sense of calm over me.”  ~Bruce Allen Dawson


“Hey Stone! I’m loving your statement …”That should be submitted as a “terms of use agreement”!! As usual, you are absolutely right!!” ~Michelle Brown-Stafford


“Thank you for speaking the emotions that we feel. .. this is warfare and we need to take what God is saying” ~ Valerie Feimster Montgomery


“Wow Stone …. that was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!” ~ Carolyn Morrison


“Thank you now I feel better my heart is not so heavy now god bless you.” ~ Deirdre Evans at 5: 14 pm July 9