Tell it~

What would I lose if I were to gain honesty?
What would it cost you if you were to reestablish your value in truth?
Can fear of judgement reduce your words to a lie?
Is saying no to you really saying yes to me?
I would like to talk about a few things with you. Can you answer honestly, or would a lie be better for all concerned?
Would you rather me share my story?
Tell it, and see how it feels. I know that I can came back stronger, and I have more to say.
The healing process of our journey begins today~

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  1. Timely. For me. Love your words and their craft. I will be reading and learning.

  2. Jett Black says:

    Nice Stone…very nice!!

  3. Stone…and must continue every day. We come in contact with a lot of negative energy every day. So, daily cleansing is essential for continued healing. THANK YOU, MY “SISTAH” FOR BEING THE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN YOU ARE – BOTH INTERNALLY AND XTERNALLY. Lots of “SISTAH POWER” Love, Deborah

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