“Thanksgiving is my Lifestyle”

How I find contentment: These things I have made into a culture for my spiritual self.


6 Principals to Contentment


1. Preserving My Spiritual Wealth. (Peace of mind for tomorrow. A spiritual legacy for to carry my children.) 



2. Removing Toxic Behaviors Around Finances.  (allows my grandchildren to eat when I’m gone.)



3. Identifying Toxic People. Identify the illusions I’ve built around them. Accept my disillusionment, and let go.



4. Eliminating Small Stressors. Do this before they become illnesses. (this practice immediately improves your health.)



5. Open To Growth. Learn something new. I cultivate those relationships that serve me. (maintaining a coachable spirit)



6. I give with grace. My blessing ‘is’ the ability to give, not a future return on my giving. (otherwise my perceived kindness is a loan and ‘interest’ should be stated up front)


“What ever our disposition is, effects what our perceptions are. We are the rulers of our contentment regardless of our predicament.”


“In all things be thankful. Our experiences are what make us fruitful.”


“My plan these days is to be the sunshine~
Only speaking on what brightens my day.
Focusing on guiding my spirit through the light~
I’m sure my focus will become my reality as it usually does.”


“Remember to never compare yourself to anyone else. The comparison immediately brings down your value.”


LIfe is about seasons, everybody knows. How do you decide who stays and who goes?


“My process of eliminations: Column left, list the best times in my life. Column right list the worst times in my life. If your name shows up on both sides, then you have “lived” this life beside me. Please stay. I will surely remember you on that last day.”


“Emotions are best held close to the vest. Only chevrons should be worn on your sleeve. Never beg for a man for life, liberty or love. These are the things your soul aspires to be. Only the flesh can be compromised.
“Become love, then you’re at liberty to live in others after your body dies.”
It is the mind that worries yet manifests. Live. Train your spirit to fight; then your soul will rest.”


Grant yourself a lifetime of permission to have spiritual wealth, longevity and health.

Just a bit of my mindset on how I developed my spiritual culture.  “Thanksgiving is my lifestyle.”

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