“The Devil is in the Details, God is in the Reveal”

It’s not so much about the gory details of your story as it is the power in revealing the story.

What do you feel when you think of “Your Story?”  Is it fear, embarrassment, shame or guilt? Those feelings are not of God, nor good for your health and spiritual wealth. If you have the gift of communication, in any form, then you should speak up for yourself. Speak about what has hurt you. The simple action of revealing takes the power and significance away from the event and returns its value to YOU.


If the devil is in the details, then your God-giving right to reveal it. Once you uncover evil it can no longer hide in darkness and thrive in your silence.

Reveal your story. To conceal the details, furthers the growth and fosters the damage.

Speak on it. There is power in speaking. It puts child molesters on notice, warns the family and creates a watchful village around the children.


I urge adults to speak on it. Our courage will encourage the children to talk to us. I have revealed it and release it.

I’m an example to you that your life will change. Your spirit will be of courage and good cheer because you spoke up for yourself.

Sometimes we don’t know how much we hurt until we feel better. Release the hurt and feel better.

Many of you know me from Facebook. We have in-depth and lively conversations right?  This is a forum of communication and healing. You don’t have to tell gory details about yourself, rather to release the power and fear you’ve held on to. Many of my close friends and celebrity friends have congratulated me for sharing. Unbelievable how many of us share the same disgusting experiences around child molestation.

I want it common place to talk about child abuse. This will definitely be a deterrent predators. There is a dual effect with this one actions, a deterrent for the predator and empowerment for you.


Can you suggest a more powerful mission?

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