Unacceptable and Acceptable

Barometers, checks and balances, dos & don’ts, acceptable & not acceptable.

For instance, with your skills, expertise and experiences, you can command a particular salary range. There is a dollar amount you haven’t worked for since you were 16, right?

Similarly, there are intangibles you will accept and some you wont.

We often make allowance for the intangibles and the things we can only feel and not see. Why is that?

Our excuses go something like this:

We’ll at least he didn’t___________.
At least she’s not _____________.

Those statements are best used when you fill in the blank with words like ‘We’ll at least he didn’t die’ or ‘At lease she’s not dead’.

We would not sell our education for anything less than more education. “I will work for free, as long as you are teaching me to become my own CEO. This is acceptable. Right?

Those are the tangibles.

Here are the dangers of “allowing the intangibles.”

“At least he only beats me when he’s drunk. He would never behave that way sober. I know he loves me.” “He only touched that child because he was drunk.” UNACCEPTABLE

“Well, he only did it once and he was crazy out of his mind.” UNACCEPTABLE

I invite you to create your own ACCEPTABLE and UNACCEPTABLE.

Really listen to your learned responses and stand them against what you know feels right. If you listen carefully to your gut, then give yourself permission to be in alignment with your own truth. The rest of the world will rise to meet you at your new and most ACCEPTABLE behaviors.

Try it and let me know what happens~

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