What Stone Say’s About Love

What would Stone say?

(After you read this article, leave me a comment, what would your strength say?)

If the question is love, then consider this…

When you honor the god in you, you may lose some folks, friends, family and preferably some bad habits.

What if you love someone but hate their behavior, attitude and their obvious self-loathing lifestyle?

My strength says: Forgive them and leave them alone. Turn that love and interest back on yourself and LIVE.

What do you do if you’ve forgiven them, and have left them alone, but it breaks your heart to miss them?

My strength says: Its ok to miss someone you love. Be thankful the love is still with you.

Love is always enough.

You can love them and miss them, but you can’t save ‘anyone’ from themselves.
What’s that, “Where ever we go we take ourselves with us.” 

Therefore the hateful, disrespectful, dirty little spirit they’ve shown themselves to be, goes where ever they go.  You charge is to get out of the way. 

A ‘broken heart’ is a perspective that you have to consciously reject in your mind to mend your heart.

Through introspection, change the definition of lose to gain. Loose the bull chips for self respect and merit.

Placing the emphasis on loving you from the inside out. 

What if you know they need you?

My strength says: Don’t believe they need you because they don’t. Is it possible for their negative energy to be fed by you? 

No one needs you unless ‘they’ think they do.

No matter how good you are to them, they can’t need you until they perceive your value

There’s nothing new under the sun.

“We believe, we perceive, we receive then experience on that level.”

It’s not enough for you to ‘know’ they need you. They have to recognize the value of your presence in their life.
If they don’t, they don’t need you. They are free to move about he country and so are you.

Let them go.

Whether it is a romantic relationship, a parental relationship, a kinship or a friendship, your contribution of love can’t be received unless THEY perceive it that way.

We must first show up to give love to ourselves before we can receive love from someone else.

My strength says: Most things we don’t practice go unrecognized.

“Have faith that the experience you want is available for you; accept the fact it’s not available right now, with this person.”  

Love is available everywhere all the time. We have to trained our eyes to recognize it.

Loving scenarios are created in the eyes of the beholder. 

My strength says: We intuitively know what love feels like. Confusion and disconnect come when we define it egotistically, look at it logically, even come at it culturally that we become troubled by love.  

You may not find the love you think you deserve in the child you gave birth to. 

You may not find the love you think you deserve from the person you’re married to.

You may not find the love you think you deserve from anyone you’ve shown your love to. It’s true and its ok to share love with any of the millions of people on the planet. 

Choose to love regardless until you’re breathless. 

My strength asks: Are you accepting disrespect in the name of love?

If yes

Then you are NOT honoring the god in you.

There is No way to reconcile the two.

Choose to honor the god in you; Step away with love, forgiveness and forgo the lower experience.

How to honor the god in you?

DECIDE TO: Love, forgive and forgo the lower experience. Hold the mirror to your face and give that same interest and commitment of love to yourself. 

How will I know I have the love I deserve?

My strength says: When you can look in the mirror and say, “Yes I love you!” to your own face, then you can walk away from disrespect with grace.


Stoneologys Experiential Wisdom~

I’m an expert in helping people to reveal their spiritual gifts and use them powerfully and lovingly in their lives. I believe the reason we receive our spiritual gifts is so we are encouraged to give.

“I believe sharing ourselves prosperously edify’s the god in us.” 

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