“What Would Stone Say?”

Hi Stone,
I have to tell you a cute story…A couple of weeks ago I was in Seattle picking up my sisters car to drive back to Arizona. I took a friend with me and on the drive home (1400 miles) we had a lot of time to talk. Every once in a while I would check facebook via my Blackberry. During one of those times you had posted something wonderful, so I shared it with him. Being that he’s not on FB I had to explain how we knew each other and who you were. He loved the story and he thought you were a very bright woman. As time passed I got an upsetting phone. My friend seeing that I was upset and wasn’t sure what to say to me he turned to me and said, “what would Stone say?”. It made me laugh and think about your messages and it brought me comfort during a trying time. It happened again today and my same friend asked me the same question. So, I decided it was time to let you in and tell you that I am listening and your words are helpful to me during this trying time in my life.
God bless you my sweet friend, and remember I’m out here asking myself, “What would Stone say?

Wendy Greenberg Rhoton September 22, 2010

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  1. This is a sweet story and compliment. I wanted to share with you how I remain encouraged to share my heart with you.

  2. Stone would say, “Find the smile in all things.”

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