“When You’re Feeling Lonely”

We all feel lonely sometimes. Human company is a necessity for good mental and spiritual health.

Remember when you’re feeling lonely, it’s a natural reflex for most  to find something useful to do with their brain. What ever you do best is a great option. When you’ve done your best invite someone to enjoy it with you. If there is no one to call straight away, you can always engage virtually. When its sensible go to a public place and display your arts and crafts. . Find a public avenue to share your ideas. The best cure for loneliness is to volunteer your time and skill. Even companionship is a skill. Visit the elderly, sick or shut in. They will be so glad to see you. You can feel comfortable sharing what’s on your mind. Most of the time when I feel lonely, I try to think of someone I have something for. Whether its to reminisce about old times or set a date to meet again. Initiate the call. Someone is waiting to hear from you. Be the bearer of good news when you call. Good news is always, “I was just thinking of you.”

Never take feeling lonely personal, know that personal time with yourself is worth its weight in gold. Spend time enjoying you.

Spend time crafting your spiritual values and how best to enjoy your solitude. Practice how to be more enjoyable and inclusive. If you want someone to want to be around you, then allow them to be themselves in your presence.

I once read the common thread between octogenarian and older is learning something new, like a new language. That keeps the brain growing new pathways for information.

Remember when no one calls you it’s because they are living in their space and circumstance. The measure of your worth comes from the value you assign to yourself. Give yourself high marks and call someone to say hello.

Write down everyone you can think of, then call the last person first. That’s the person that needs to hear from you the most.  It’s likely the person that loves you the most too. We usually think of the people we want to love us and not the ones that already do. The first person you wrote is the person you wished loved you.

I once wrote:

The folks you think are in your corner are not.

The person you thought of before your feet hit the floor, is the one that has come to teach you a lesson.
The folks you want least want to be with, are your best friends.
The one’s you love the most are the one’s you ‘wish’ loved you.
The one’s you take for granted are your best blessings.

Try reversing those affections, and noting the reactions.
Then congratulate yourself, you’ve just learned the real law of attraction.

So the loneliness we feel is an invitation to get comfortable with ourselves. Then its time to offer the best of ourselves  to someone else.

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